Mom Breastfeeding 3-Week-Old Baby In Her Car Gets $115 Parking Ticket

Mom Breastfeeding 3-Week-Old Baby In Her Car Gets $115 Parking Ticket

The mother pulled over in a commercial zone to feed her crying baby.

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Guillermina Rodriguez from Manhattan is a mother of four. It doesn't get easy, and one working day in April last year, she was driving through Midtown with a then three-week-old baby in the back seat. According to PEOPLE, she had dropped off her husband for an appointment in Manhattan and was on her way downtown when the incident occurred. Since the traffic was severe, she couldn't stop anywhere to feed her baby. “It was an immense amount of traffic. It took me 45 minutes to an hour just to get from 42nd to 30th Street,” Rodriguez, 30, told CBS New York. Now, you can't really ignore a crying baby. 




“I’m like almost crying because she’s crying and all I wanna do is pull over so I can attend to her,” she told ABC New York. So, she found a spot where she could pull over, but it was in a commercial zone, but she wasn't a hindrance to anyone. “Even though I saw it was a commercial area I’m like ‘I’m not obstructing the traffic. I’m not blocking anybody. Let me just stay there and I’ll breastfeed the baby there,’” the mother said. She then climbed into the back seat to tend to her baby and while she was doing so,  an NYPD tow truck pulls in front. “He’s backing up to tow my truck so as I am in this position breastfeeding now I jump over to the front seat to honk so he can see don’t tow my truck.”




She then said that the ticket agent finally got out and walked over to Rodriguez’s truck. “I’m actually breastfeeding on one side and pumping on the other so both my breasts are out and I turn and I’m like ‘I’m breastfeeding the baby!’” Rodriguez said with a laugh. “He turned and looks and he’s like ‘oh ok’… puts the ticket on the windshield and leaves.” The mother was fined a whopping $115 for parking in a commercial zone to breastfeed her baby! “I’m here breastfeeding, he just gave me a ticket.” However, when the NYPD was approached for a comment, they said their hands are tied. 




Apparently, traffic agents don’t have the authority to void tickets once they're issued, and the ticket was issued before the agent noticed she was breastfeeding her baby. Also, authorities reportedly did not provide a reason why the agent did not check the vehicle first before trying to tow it away. “I think they should’ve been more sensitive,” the mother said, adding that ticket agents must take into consideration that nursing a baby doesn't really count as a rule violation. “I think getting them a little more educated on that area would be helpful.” Rodriguez then added that she plans to dispute the ticket, and hoped that the judge was a parent, too. 




Most people believed she was in the wrong. Susan Lowe shared on Facebook: I'm not blaming this woman for pulling over and parking illegally to feed her screaming child and definitely not for breastfeeding in general but why does she think that she is above the law? This is seriously like someone stealing food from the grocery and then telling the cop "you can't arrest me I was just hungry." I feel for you, I really do but you are still breaking the law dude. Jaenine Miller-Elder sided with Susan Lowe and shared: I nursed all 4 of my children so I know what it’s like to have a screaming baby and ya boobs about to explode cause it’s feeding time... but she chose to park illegally so pay the ticket. Even if the baby had been screaming for 10/15 min won’t hurt em.




However, Kji Beaudway sided with her, commenting: Geez - $115 for a PARKING ticket?! Holy crap, New York. Besides - I get it. She tried to get somewhere she could feed the baby, but the traffic was at a standstill. Babies can't wait forever. She was out of the way. She wasn't hurting anyone. They have discretion about who to ticket. Seems to me feeding a baby is a nice time to say, "Hey, please don't park here. Finish up and next time, find a legal place to pull over" and call it a day. I'm not saying the officer did anything WRONG - he wrote the ticket before he saw her, and if they can't void a ticket, they can't. So I'm not sure this is a training issue. But I hope the traffic court shows some compassion and voids the ticket. The comments here are so harsh. She had a hungry baby, she couldn't find a legal place to pull over for almost an hour. She's not a hardened criminal. Why can't anyone just show a little compassion anymore? Sheesh.



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