Model With Jet-Black Monobrow Has Been Receiving Death Threats Over Bushy Facial Hair, But Remains Unfazed And Hopes To Change Beauty Stereotypes

Model With Jet-Black Monobrow Has Been Receiving Death Threats Over Bushy Facial Hair, But Remains Unfazed And Hopes To Change Beauty Stereotypes

She admits she's gotten a few nasty comments while she's walking down a road, but most of her hate messages come from social media.

A model who shot to fame because of her jet-black unibrow claims she's also received a lot of death threats for the same. 22-year-old Sophia Hadjipantel, a Cypriot-born model who migrated from London to the US claims she's received a lot of threats online for her bold features. Sophia, who is a Marketing graduate from the University of Maryland, appeared on an episode of on Good Morning Britain. The mode, with nearly 292,000 followers on Instagram said she tries not to read the negative comments and her only solace is in the fact that her boyfriend loves the way she looks, according to Daily Mail. 


"I get a lot of death threats," she told GMB hosts, Susanna Reid, and Piers Morgan. Sophia, who has had the opportunity to pose for Vogue Italia as well as Rihanna's SAVAGE X Fenty collab said, "I try not to read a lot of them, a lot of people tell me when I get them, so obviously I don't really have the patience to go through and read every person's comments. It's a bit of a shame when you want to read the nice ones, to have to go through all the mean ones, but it's worth it, I think." 


Morgan, who thinks her unibrow is 'weirdly beguiling' in the flesh, found it absolutely disgusting that people would want to kill her over her eyebrows, while Reid urged people to 'get over themselves'. But as far as her boyfriend, Zac Apostolou, a London-based photographer, is concerned, he absolutely loves her unibrows. "He had a monobrow when he was little as well. I tint my eyebrows, I naturally have quite dark eyebrows but not this dark, so whenever I'm tinting them he always gets so interested in what I'm doing," she said. 


Sophia, who is a natural blonde, admitted her eyebrows became a striking part of her facial features back in 2014 when she was trying to tint them and accidentally dyed them black. Instead of rushing to rectify her mistake, she decided to embrace it and even went on to land some big deals in modeling and make a career out of it. Sophia really hopes she can inspire other women to embrace themselves just the way they are. 


She previously told The Cut: "I really wanted to push people to look at me and to look at a unibrow - which they've been conditioned to think it's kind of weird and something you should get rid of - for them to still say that I was beautiful with this textbook 'unattractive' thing." She also spoke about how people are initially shocked by her unibrow but added how it soon begins to grow on them. 


She explained, "I've always been quite eccentric with my outfits and I love changing my look. I never really based my self-confidence on how others treated me because at school I was bullied a lot for things that were not focused on my face – my outfit, having parents that were immigrants, we didn't speak English, being the smallest in my class. Growing up in a conservative area of Maryland, being different isn't really accepted so that - I hate to say bullying - but I think that sort of challenged me."


Sophia claims she's gotten a lot of comments hurled against her, but most of the negative comments about the way she looks does come from messages online. "In person, people are just a bit unsure of how to take it, because I think it's odd to see someone like me walking down the street," she said. Her bushy brows are a result of her genetics. "My mom always told me it's good to have thick brows because she plucked her thin ones off in the nineties when pencil brows were in," she added. 


 "I definitely wanted shaped pointy brows when I was 15 or so, but thick bushy brows got trendy around then and I figured it was more 'me' to grow them out," she continued. It's funny how someone can hide behind the anonymity the internet provides and hurl hatred towards someone else just for the way they look. Sophia hopes she can send out body positive messages and even uses #UnibrowMoment on her social media!


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