Model Coco Austin Mom-Shamed For Pictures Showing Her Kissing Daughter On The Lips

Model Coco Austin Mom-Shamed For Pictures Showing Her Kissing Daughter On The Lips

She has been earlier ridiculed for sharing a picture breastfeeding her child.

Image Credit: Facebook/ Coco Austin

Model and social media personality, Coco Austin recently shared pictures of herself and her daughter sharing a kiss on the mouth. And all hell broke loose. The mother who is also rapper, Ice-T's wife was immediately mom-shamed by innumerable internet trolls. Many of these self-proclaimed champions of civility and decency felt the model was doing something unfitting for a mother and left not so pleasant comments expressing their anger. Sharing the picture Coco captioned the same: Always got a lover girl by my side! The picture was also shared on her other social media profiles. Makin Diedrich commented on the model's Facebook post: I usually love the love between coco and her daughter but these pictures are a little weird.


Another, Angelina Redding wrote: It is a little weird the way her daughter is kissing her like she is imitating someone she saw. Another commenter Emma Pia even brought psychology to explain why kissing on the lips even for a parent was wrong. She wrote: The lips and the mouth are the personal boundaries of a kid’s body, as psychologist Charlotte Reznick explains. When you kiss a child on the lips, you show them that their body border is open and that someone can intrude into their territory with no problem. This also includes tight swaddling, force-feeding, and aggressive tickling. Thus, invasive parents can increase the risk of their child developing a “victim syndrome” with the inability to say “no” and manage their own personal boundaries. 

Source: Facebook

But there were many who came to Coco's support and said she had every right to show love and affection to her child, the way she deemed right. On Twitter, a handle named [email protected] wrote: What grosses me out, are the mommy shamers. Coco and Chanel I have an 18 year old son and we still give kisses on occasion. It is en eternal bond that not even a mommy shamers can brake. Kristiana Marlena commented on Facebook: I had a picture like the one on the top right and I did not want to post it out of fear that someone would have a dirty mind. But since I saw you were bold and was like f it I am going to do it to. Keep doing u ma y'all are beautiful and so is your entire family. I am happy y'all are able to thrive despite the mofos that always have something to say.


Jenn Birmingham Buck also wrote on Facebook: ... I kissed my boys on lips when they were young why does everything have to be sexual...those ppl have issues..smh. Coco is not the first celebrity to be shamed for kissing their children on the mouth. In the list is David Beckham who was similarly shamed for kissing his daughter, Harper on the lips. NFL Star, Tom Brady was similarly mocked for giving his son a long kiss during a Facebook interview. Other celebrities who were shamed for being affectionate with their children were Olivia Wilde and Angelina Jolie. It is not the first time that Austin has been ridiculed for being affectionate with her child. She was shamed for sharing a picture of breastfeeding her daughter a while back.


But many people including fellow celebrities such as actress Tiffiny Pollard came to her rescue and asked Coco's haters to "grow up." 

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