Fox Is Developing A TV Series On Mitch Albom's 'The Five People You Meet In Heaven'

Fox Is Developing A TV Series On Mitch Albom's 'The Five People You Meet In Heaven'

The religious fiction drama is making it's way to the small screen as Fox issued a script-to-series model version of the novel.

People who enjoy reading religious fiction surely must have come across, Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet in Heaven. After all, it was on New York Times Best Seller list for a long time. Now, Fox Entertainment is working on developing a script-to-series model version of this philosophical treat!

According to Variety, the talented writer, Albom, has secured a place in this project to write and become the executive producer. Teaming up with Warner Bros. Television, Fox Entertainment had issued an order for the development of a one-hour drama project. 



The adaption will be using familiar characters from the novel published in 2003, The Five People You Meet in Heaven. According to reports, the project will be seen exploring the unique journey of every character beginning from this world to the next.

And for the best part, we'll get to see the final phase of their existence in Heaven where the protagonist's life is brilliantly explained by five people whose lives he had touched. The complexity of the characters will be showcased by skillfully intertwining their lives with the story as it proceeds. 

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"'‘The Five People You Meet in Heaven’ will explore each character’s unique journey in this world and the next. With heaven as the place where your life is finally explained to you — by five people you touched — the ongoing storylines of interwoven characters will explore larger themes such as redemption, love, hope and human connection," said Fox, according to The Wrap.

As per reports, the showrunner of Designated Survivor and former executive producer of The Good Wife, Keith Eisner, has also been confirmed to be an executive producer for the said project. 


Previously, Albom's hit novel was adapted for a television movie which was released in 2004, according to Variety. The film starred Jon Voight as the protagonist Eddie who is killed on his 83rd birthday at the beginning of the story. The synopsis on IMDB reads: "An elderly amusement park maintenance man, Eddie, is trapped in purgatory and the only way out is to confront five people from his past. Unfortunately, dark secrets from his service in the Philippines begin to haunt him." The film did relatively well earning a 7.3 rating on IMDB. 



Now, if you haven't already watched the movie, you can easily do so by grabbing its DVD which is still available. Although the movie was received well,  it will be much more interesting to see what Fox has in store for us. However, the whole thing is still a definite maybe as the script needs to be approved first in order to be eligible for the straight-to-series order and of course the pilot model that follows.

Although everyone has high hopes for the TV series to become a reality, it's going to be a tough sell. According to Deadline, last season, the entertainment company gave a script-to-series commitment to the drama Talent, which was "an adaptation of the graphic novel from Graham Yost, Boom! Studios, Original Film and Sony Pictures TV." Unfortunately, they failed to go forward with the project. 



When word reached Twitter people flooded the comment section with joyous reactions. One Twitter user @lowkeyvulcan wrote: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD PH MY GOD!!!!!!! YES. YES. YES. A THOUSAND TIMES YES. Another wrote: This news is a blessing, a dream come true. However, some like @irenemarfy30 warned the channel not to sidetrack from the original story. The comment read: You better make it like from the book not making your own story.

@AbsolutelyShane wrote:Oh my!!!!!!!!! Can't wait. One of my fave authors and his book.  (heart eye emoji). And for some it was a dream come true. Take @ScientistSwanda for example, who wrote: is this a dream come true @MitchAlbom ?!  (hearts and smiles) @brendengallager went to the extent of saying: I am very passionate about the MACU: Mitch Albom Cinematic Universe


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