Woman Horrified To Find Her Cat Inside A Running Washing Machine

Woman Horrified To Find Her Cat Inside A Running Washing Machine

Stefani Carroll-Kirchoff, a resident of Maplewood, described her discovery as "horrific" when she found her cat barely alive.

It is needless to say that one has to be extra careful around the house when they have little children and pets. This time a Minnesota resident forgetfully overlooked some of the details while performing a few chores. Stefani Carroll-Kirchoff who lives in a suburb of St. Paul located in Maplewood, Minnesota was doing the laundry on Wednesday when the most shocking incident unfolded.


Carroll-Kirchoff's one-year-old cat, Felix had jumped inside the washing machine when she went to fetch a few more clothes leaving the door open reported Fox News. "I must have turned my back for a few minutes folding clothes and he apparently went in there when I wasn’t looking," Carroll-Kirchoff said. Describing how scary the whole incident was she added, "It’s horrific. It’s absolutely horrific." Speaking about her mother's love for animals, her daughter Asha Carroll McCullough described her mother as a "devoted animal lover."


According to reports, Carroll-Kirchoff, who usually checked if any of her three cats have entered the machine or not, forgot about doing so this time. She loaded another batch of clothes and set the machine to express wash which usually did a warm water cleaning followed by a cold rinse. After doing so she walked away to get on with her other chores. Once the cycle was completed after thirty-five minutes, she decided to check on the load and found that the clothes were still dripping wet. 



Just as she was about to close the door once again to finish the process, she noticed a tiny white paw sticking out among her wet clothes. A horror-stricken Carroll-Kirchoff discovered it was her little kitty Felix who was stuck inside the wash for almost an hour. Following this revelation, she couldn't stop screaming and calling out for her daughter McCullough. "She was crying so hard I couldn’t understand what she was saying and she said Felix went through the washing machine," she told the outlet.



She also added how her mother had gone upstairs after starting the machine and only returned after an hour to discover that Felix was inside the machine the whole time. "All of a sudden, she heard a meow and saw a little white foot. The way she describes it was she was just in shock and she immediately phoned my grandpa and said come with me to vet," added Carroll McCullough. Within minutes the mother and the grandfather rushed the cat to the Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota.



When they arrived at the veterinarian hospital, the experts pronounced Felix's condition as critical and added that it was "rare that cats make it through something like this." According to the vet, the cat had lost its vision and had caught pneumonia due to the excessive amount of water in its lungs.  He had to be on oxygen support for intravenous assistance. "I will do anything I can for him to stay alive," said Carroll-Kirchoff. "After what he’s been through, I feel like we owe it to him."



Carroll McCullough then informed the news outlet that Felix's required him to be under constant oxygen support 24 hours a day for his recovery. Slowly the therapy seemed to be working and the cat started regaining its vision and was eating once again. Thankfully, he survived the whole ordeal. "He’s doing remarkably well,"  Carroll-Kirchoff said. The veterinarians said that his complete rehabilitation would take a few months and that keeping him in the oxygen chamber was absolutely mandatory for it. 


However, the next problem that the family faced was the expense of the oxygen chamber which charged  $1,000 a day. Unfortunately, the mother did not have pet insurance so Carroll McCullough started a GoFundMe campaign in an effort to raise the amount. "We feel so, so lucky. He is the miracle cat," said Carroll McCullough. On the other hand, her mother expressed how deeply disturbed she was due to the thing that happened. "This will haunt me for the rest of my life, she said. "It’s the most traumatic experience."


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