Millionaire Who Called Homeless People "Lazy" Swaps Lux Life For The Streets, Gets Nearly Stabbed

Millionaire Who Called Homeless People "Lazy" Swaps Lux Life For The Streets, Gets Nearly Stabbed

Keiran Hamilton, 22, was part of the Channel 5 documentary, Rich Kids Go Homeless and made his riches from the foreign exchange business. He did not realize earlier how hard it was to live on the streets and came out a changed man from the experience.

 22-year-old Kieren Hamilton was used to a lap of luxury replete with designer clothes and exotic holidays,  and used to think that homeless people  were "lazy" and "weak minded." That was until he decided to live on the streets of London for three days as part of a documentary on  Channel 5 program called Rich Kids Go Homeless reports The Sun.  A millionaire worth £2 million, Hamilton, now has a totally different perspective on life after an experience saw him nearly stabbed, and having to eat spaghetti from a tin can using the lens from his glasses as a spoon. Hamilton described himself as a "self-made" millionaire who was not academically-inclined. He dropped out of school when he was only 14 years due to some health problems. He, however, did go back to give his General Certificate of Secondary Education or GCSEs but that didn't turn out that well either. According to him, it went "halfway down the alphabet." Convinced that studying was not for him, he started working. He worked on several minimum wage jobs, "I was selling funeral plans during the day then after that I'd go to my second job working in a kebab shop all night. I was working non-stop."



He then decided to become his own boss and set up his foreign exchange business two years ago and it "took off from there". Subsequently, he also started dealing in other businesses such as cryptocurrency, invested in property and selling educational courses. Hamilton grew up on a council estate in Hattersley, Greater Manchester. He has 81,400 followers on Instagram, and lives with his wife and is 2-year-old daughter, Esmae in a four-bed house in Oldham, Greater Manchester.



He has also spent more than £100,000 on a new Audi RS6 and Mercedes C63 and takes luxury trips at least once a month. He also has properties in Turkey and Spain. What motivated Hamilton to take up this challenge?  He wanted to prove a point to Jess, 22, his wife and his business partner, that he can well do without the luxuries of life. "Jess thought I wasn't going to manage. At home, she does all the cleaning and I couldn't go a day without a shower," said Hamilton. 


All he took to the streets during the documentary was the clothes he was wearing and a sleeping bag. He slept at The Strand which is often been referred to as "the most dangerous homeless hot spot in central London." On a daily basis, hundreds of people sleep rough in these parts. One of the most intense parts in the documentary was when his cover was blown due to his teeth. He had paid around £4,000 ($ 5201) getting his teeth whitened in Turkey. 


While striking up a conversation with a homeless man,  he was skeptical about Hamilton about how long he had been on the streets.  He then told him, "They're no homeless teeth." Then a paranoid schizophrenic confronted Hamilton almost at the same time and started shouting, "Who are you? You have got very nice teeth. You're a cop. I've never seen you before and I f***ing run things around here. I'm gonna f***ing murder you." The man then proceeded to pull out a three-inch knife on him. In this dramatic moment, the crew stepped in to save him and saved him from being nearly stabbed. This incident took place at Trafalgar Square.





Hamilton recalled, "I didn't know what to do - do I defend myself or run? I turned to the cameraman and asked: 'What's the plan?' He told me to walk. He could have stabbed me. I was in real danger. Only the cameraman was with me." Hamilton may have made his millions in business, but on the streets, commerce is a totally different ball game.  He tried to come up with money-making ideas such as buying umbrellas with the £7 he raised through begging. However, Hamilton wasn't able to earn enough to buy even one umbrella.





While his business ideas and security were in shambles while living in the streets, Hamilton said says he "ate really well" due to people's generosity. Looking for a warm bed for the night, he made friends with another homeless person called Tommy to spend the night in a hotel since the hostel he went to earlier was full. But unfortunately for Hamilton, Tommy is more interested in scoring Spice - a synthetic form of marijuana.  This frustrated Hamilton who decided to part ways with him. He said, "When I said we should go our separate ways I thought he was going to jump me." After the ordeal of three days, Hamilton said he understood why some homeless people took drugs.  "I've never taken a drug in my life but if I was there long enough I would have been tempted to take Spice. There's a difference between taking a drug to get by though and abusing it."

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