Aggressive Fan Forcibly Grabs Miley Cyrus And Kisses Her; Incident Captured On Video

Aggressive Fan Forcibly Grabs Miley Cyrus And Kisses Her; Incident Captured On Video

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were stepping out of their hotel in Spain when the incident happened; leaving her shocked.

Being a celebrity is no easy job. They are constantly papped and people keep invading their personal space just to be close to them. Miley Cyrus had a scary encounter with a fan over the weekend in Barcelona, Spain. The crazed fan tried to get too personal to the singer who was trying to get to the car. There was a lot of crowd outside the hotel that Cyrus and Liam were staying in at Barcelona -all trying to get a glimpse of the star couple- and one man got too close to her. In a video that was uploaded the man can be seen putting his arm around her, and trying to kiss her, according to TMZ.


Liam was a couple of steps ahead of his wife as he was trying to clear a path for her to walk to the safety of their car when the fan assaulted her. Miley pushed him away before walking off as someone else came to her rescue and pushed the crazed fan away. Soo after, Liam wrapped his arms around her to shield her so that there were no more fans who would pull such a stunt on her. 


There has been no official comment from Miley Cyrus yet, but a source told E! News that even though the musician "always respects her fans' enthusiasm," Cyrus was "certainly unsettled by this." The source also said the 'Wrecking Ball' star is "doing fine now." Miley was in Barcelona with her husband to perform at the Primavera Sound Festival on Friday, which is coincidentally the same day she dropped her new EP She Is Coming. 


There is no news about what happened to the man, but the man who uploaded the video on Twitter claims it was sent to him by his best friend and that the man hasn't been arrested yet. A lot of people commented on the post, saying it was disgusting and horrible. One man suggested we don't hide the assaulter's identity and instead make sure everyone out there knows who he is. 


Laura Mcilwrath wrote: People just need to learn to keep their damn hands to themselves! Respect other people's personal space! And I dont want to hear that bullshit, "well, she's a celebrity and that's what she signed up for". That's just bull! She is not an object, she's a person! Don't touch unless you've been invited too/asked permission. This goes for both men and women! Smh. Jenna Sampson added:  I don't understand people. There's not a single "celebrity" that I like enough to want to put my hands on them. Respect their space.


Shénnel Moore commented: I felt nasty and uncomfortable watching that, I can only imagine how Miley felt. I can't believe people are making fun of someone being sexually assaulted in public. The security team should have done a better job, I would get a new team. Linda Tanso explained everything in detail: I watched it again. He fondled her hair, moved his hand down the front of her, then put his around her neck pulling her towards and went in for a kiss. He was then pushed away. When her husband saw something had happened he put his arm around her and pulled her close. Why do people think it is OK to grab anybody and molest them. I would have turned and sucker punched him as an automatic reaction.


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