Russian Sisters Who Killed Their Dad After Alleged Sexual Abuse May Face Jail For Lying About It

Russian Sisters Who Killed Their Dad After Alleged Sexual Abuse May Face Jail For Lying About It

A Russian court ordered prosecutors to investigate if Mikhail Khachaturyan, 57, actually abused his daughters Krestina, Angelina, and Maria.

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Trigger Warning: Sexual abuse, rape, knife attack, murder

Three sisters in Russia who murdered their father will now be investigated to find out if they lied about killing the man in self-defense. According to Daily Mail, prosecutors have been ordered by a Russian court to investigate whether 57-year-old Mikhail Khachaturyan abused his daughters—Krestina, Angelina, and Maria—physically and sexually for years before they stabbed him to death in 2018. Apparently, it was Mikhail's relatives who raised concerns about the circumstances surrounding his death. They alleged that the three daughters murdered their father in cold blood just to inherit his property and money. They also claimed that the trio simply invented the stories of abuse in an attempt to avoid jail. 



The recent ruling comes as a massive shock to Krestina and Angelina, who were 19 and 18 respectively when their father was killed, as they could be jailed for a maximum of 20 years. Meanwhile, Maria will not be facing the murder charge and instead will be sent to a psychiatric facility as a judge had earlier ruled that she had become temporarily insane the moment her two elder sisters attacked their father while he was sleeping. The attack was quite brutal; the man was stabbed in the heart with his own hunting knife and his head was bludgeoned with a hammer.



If the prosecutors manage to find evidence of Mikhail's abuse against his girls, lawyers say he will be posthumously prosecuted. "The court has granted the plaintiffs' request to return the case to the prosecutor's office until there is a final decision on a criminal case against Mikhail Khachaturyan," revealed the trio's lawyer Alexey Lipster. While the defense wants them to be treated as a victim, Mikhail's family refuses to believe their claims. They argue that the daughters have lied about being abused by their late father and that they should be handed punishment for their crimes. 



A lawyer for Angelina, Alexey Parshin, explained that the case against the sisters should be "dropped altogether" as they used "necessary self-defense." This particular case has really tested Russia's stance on domestic sexual abuse with almost a million people signing petitions to set the girls free. Previously, an investigation did find that Mikhail's daughters were subjected to "physical and mental suffering...over a long period of time." There was evidence that revealed that the father had threatened one of his "terrified" daughters saying, "You will take the place of your mother. I will marry you and you will give birth to my baby."



"He ordered them to get undressed in front of him, saying that he wanted to 'check' them. Then ordered them to perform a sex act on him, saying that he had problems with his prostate and it would be a cure," revealed experts on the case. The man had "abused and humiliated" them "with various weapons," continued the report. In one such attack, Angelina ended up having a stream of blood flowing down her face after her father viciously attacked her. 

However, the girls' aunt Naira Khachaturyan claimed that an earlier official investigation did not find any evidence of sexual violence against the teens. Khachaturyan alleged that a medical test did not support their claims as it found two of the sisters to be virgins and the third apparently had a secret boyfriend. "They knew they could live the way they wanted if they got rid of their father," said the aunt. Khachaturyan insisted that the trio wanted to "delete him from their lives" and enjoy a "riotous lifestyle." Mikhail's nephew Arsen Khachaturyan also claimed that one of the sisters wounded the other two and later blamed the father for the violence. "Sexual violence, other violence, there was nothing of that. The girls decided to kill their father, they conspired a while ago," he said. 

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