Migrant Women Held At Border Patrol Custody Forced To Drink Water From Toilets

Migrant Women Held At Border Patrol Custody Forced To Drink Water From Toilets

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a freshman congresswoman witnessed the critical condition in which the women and children are kept at detention facilities in Texas.

Three members of Congress paid a visit to the detention facilities for migrant women based in Texas on Monday. The trio included New York Representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who noticed a pattern of "systemic cruelty" being committed by Border Patrol officers against the resident women at the centers who were reportedly retained without the provision of basic facilities like running water and were further directed to drink out of toilet according to CBS News.



Making the rounds of a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) station in El Paso and Clint, Texas, the Democrat openly criticized the inadequate state of Trump administrative programs for migrant people. Accompanied by two other Democrats, Ocasio-Cortez went over to investigate the matter after reports of children and adults being kept in inhuman conditions made headlines. Lawyers who visited these detention centers brought to light how children had been caring for toddlers and infants and no one was around.


They also discovered the lack of basic provisions like water, food, and sanitation. Describing the horrors she had witnessed, the freshman Democrat posted a tweet writing: This has been horrifying so far. It is hard to understate the enormity of the problem. We're talking systemic cruelty (with) a dehumanizing culture that treats them like animals. During her visit, she stumbled across one migrant woman who "described their treatment at the hands of officers as 'psychological warfare'" and explained how they were woken up "at odd hours for no reason, calling them wh*res, etc."



The Congresswoman further mentioned how the brazen CBP officers simply laughed at the team during their visit to the El Paso Facility. While leaving the building, the trio was met with a bunch of reporters who were seeking a statement. "There's abuse in these facilities," said  Ocasio-Cortez. "This was them knowing a congressional visit was coming. This was CBP on their best behavior. Telling people to drink out of the toilet." When CBP was asked for a comment on the lawmaker's grave allegations, the department overseeing Border Patrol officers failed to respond immediately.  


ProPublica, an "independent, nonprofit newsroom" which is set to "expose abuses of power and betrayals of the public trust by government, business, and other institutions" revealed how a private Facebook group created for the members of current and former Border Patrol officers passed lewd comments relating to the deaths of immigrants on the page. In addition, they posted sexists jokes about the Latina congresswoman.  According to ProPublica's investigation, they found several obscene illustrations of the lawmaker engaging in unspeakable sexual acts with the current President of the United States and a detained migrant.


According to a report by CBS News, the United States Customs and Border Protection has now launched an investigation within its system. They also informed the inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security of the same. Referring to the obscene social media posts as "inappropriate", The Chief of Border Patrol, Carla Provost reportedly said that it went against the values of her agency. "Any employees found to have violated our standards of conduct will be held accountable," she said. 


Ocasio-Cortez and her team made their way towards the Border Patrol facility at Clint after visiting the El Paso Center. The officials there were heavily criticized for their prevalent unsanitary and crowded facility. One of the lawyers went as far as to describe the condition of the residing migrant children as "inhumane." Pointing at the gross negligence, the lawmakers reflected how older children were seen taking care of infants. Let alone the availability of soaps and toothbrushes, many kids there did not even have a shower ever since they had crossed the border. They also reported about young mothers who had breast milk-stained clothes on. 


After Ocasio-Cortez's controversial claim of migrant women being forced to drink from toilets went viral, critics presented pictures of similar installations and pointed at the sink attachment on top of the commode. The label read "potable water" as per reports. When asked about the same, the lawmaker replied that the one she had seen at the facility was "not functioning" at the time. An unnamed Trump official said, "The sink on top of the toilets broke. But as soon as the sinks broke, border patrol put out jugs of water for migrants to drink right when that happened. The jugs were right there for everyone to drink."



 Netizens were quick to respond to her posts. Some did not believe even a word she said.











On the other hand, there were people who voiced their opinion in support of the Congresswoman.










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