Michelle Obama Makes Touching Confession About Barack: "He's Unlike Anyone I'd Dated Before"

Michelle Obama Makes Touching Confession About Barack: "He's Unlike Anyone I'd Dated Before"

The mother-of-two revealed some deeply personal incidents and thoughts about the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, in her book 'Becoming.'

The 44th President and the First Lady left a lasting impression on everyone that it simply cannot be forgotten.  So when Michelle Obama decided to share some unknown facts about her family and her days in the White House through her 2018 best-selling memoir Becoming, people lined up outside stores to get their hands on it! The thing that attracted most of her readers was the way she voiced her experiences without any fear or restraint, including the discrimination she experienced as the First Lady of the United States. Amidst many such incidences, she also opened up about the reason that kept her beloved husband, former President Barrack Obama, up at nights according to reports


Making a very deep and personal confession, the former FLOTUS revealed how she woke up one night and discovered Obama awake. She recalled how he kept staring at the ceiling of their room in her book. It read: He looked vaguely troubled, as if he was pondering something deeply personal. Naturally, a number of reasons flooded her mind. Initially, she assumed that the 44th President of the US was thinking about his deceased father or possibly their relationship. However, on asking her husband the reason behind his behavior, she was at a loss of words. 


It read: He turned to me, his smile a little sheepish. ‘Oh’ he said. ‘I was just thinking about income inequality.’ The mother-of-two then added how at this particular instance was the moment she started learning "how Barack’s mind worked." This is not the first time that the words of income inequality and Barrack Obama have been presented in the same sentence. In fact, back in  December 2013, the 58-year-old reportedly confessed that it was one of the reasons why he decided to run for President. Addressing representatives from various anti-poverty nonprofits assembled in Washington, D.C.’s Anacostia neighborhood, he went ahead and declared war on the existing economic inequality reports Huffington Post


Speaking about this impending jeopardy he said, "A dangerous and growing inequality and lack of upward mobility...  has jeopardized middle-class America’s basic bargain ― that if you work hard, you have a chance to get ahead," adding further, "I believe this is the defining challenge of our time: making sure our economy works for every working American." Sharing how this was one of the driving forces behind him running for President, he added, "It’s why I ran for president. It drives everything I do in this office."



According to a report by the Express, she also spoke about their lives following their departure from the White House. Praising her husband for being different from any man that she had ever met, she wrote: He was not like anyone I’d dated before, mainly because he seemed so secure. He was openly affectionate. He told me I was beautiful. Furthermore, she admitted how much he "intrigued her." The 55-year-old mentioned a reason for her revealing some intimate details about her marriage with the gracious man. She hoped that young couples would understand that "marriage is work."


During an interview with CBS host Gayle King , she mentioned how the pair could not possibly be a role model to thousands of young minds unless they did not tell them the truth. "My view is that we can't be up here as role models and not be telling people the truth about life and relationships. Marriage is work. Marriage is hard," said Barack's wife who has been married to him for 27 years. Post their White House stay, the couple is now "rediscovering each other" in a quieter house. "This is the beauty of finding a partner you really love and respect - because after all the highs and lows, the ups and downs we've been through, we have each other, which makes the journey worth it," added Michelle.


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