Metallica Donates Over A Quarter Million Dollars To Build Pediatric Cancer Hospital

Metallica Donates Over A Quarter Million Dollars To Build Pediatric Cancer Hospital

The amount was presented to Daruieste Viata (The Give Life Association), the organization building this hospital equipped with the latest medical technology and equipment.

The iconic heavy metal band Metallica is on their WorldWired global tour where they visit selected cities to perform their popular songs. In their recent visit to Romania, the group decided to make a considerable contribution to its medical community. The group has donated $277,000 (€250,000) to the European nation as a means to help them build their first pediatric oncology and radiotherapy hospital which would be equipped with all the latest medical technology.


Before getting on with their performance at the Arena Națională in Bucharest, Romania, which was completely sold out, the members of the band gifted the check to  Daruieste Viata (The Give Life Association). According to reports, Daruieste Viata is the organization responsible for the construction of the hospital. Accepting the amount graciously, the President of Daruieste Viata Association, Carmen Uscatu, made a heartwarming message: The donation made by Metallica has a special meaning to our project. On one hand, their music inspires and touches so many Romanians, and at the same time, so many Romanians are inspired by and contribute to the establishing of the first Pediatric Oncology and Radiotherapy Hospital in Romania, in order to give children with cancer a chance to live.



On the other hand, the contribution of Mastercard, that pledged a sponsorship worth €1,000,000 to #NoiFacemUnSpital initiative, has been a real drive in inspiring a legend like Metallica to contribute to our cause as well. We are grateful to all who make this project possible, it continued reading. In addition to Metallica's donation, Mastercard too provided a lump sum of €1,000,000  through the band's nonprofit organization. Apart from Mastercard and Metallica,  Daruieste Viata has 260,000 individual donors and nearly 2,000 companies funding it. They plan on opening the door to the hospital by 2020. 



Ending their European tour by making such a noteworthy donation for a cause such as these definitely makes out hearts go out to them! According to a report by Global Citizen, the cancer survival rate of Romania has been said to be much lower than the European Union average. Last year alone Romania saw 83,461 new cancer cases and suffered over  50,000 cancer-related deaths as per the World Health Organization. Now, the construction of this pediatric hospital is actually a part of the association’s scheme to strengthen Romania's health care system which would, in turn, improve its cancer survival rate reported the Associated Press. 



The country has been lacking these significant facilities die its widespread corruption and of course the lack of implementation of government policies. Due to such factors, Romania saw only a limited amount of new hospitals being built in the past three decades following the end of communism in Europe. As a result, the country came under one of the least developed health care systems in the EU. However, this new pediatric oncology hospital, which is said to be open to the public in 2020, will be added to the list of recently constructed medical buildings in the country. The medical technology and equipment used here will all be up-to-date.


This philanthropic act performed by Metallica is just a part of the group's long-standing charitable practices they have been doing to uplift communities during their visits on tour. Last year, they went around distributing thousands of dollars to community food banks making sure there was food for everyone residing in the cities during their WorldWired tour. On several occasions, the band has lent their voice to important issues such as the impending dangers that our environment faces while advocating the need for education for children with disabilities. They also played a huge role in the efforts of eradicating world hunger according to the Global Citizen


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