Meryl Streep's Nephew Allegedly Beats 18-Year-Old Hispanic Student, Causes Severe Brain Trauma

Meryl Streep's Nephew Allegedly Beats 18-Year-Old Hispanic Student, Causes Severe Brain Trauma

Charles Harrison Streep's alleged assault on a Hispanic student has left the teenager suffering a life-threatening brain injury.

Meryl Streep walks the red carpet ahead of the "The Laundromat" screening during the 76th Venice Film Festival at Sala Grande on September 01, 2019 in Venice, Italy. (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

Meryl Streep's 31-year-old nephew allegedly hurled racist abuses to an 18-year-old Hispanic student in a road-rage incident in East Hampton, the victim’s lawyer said on Wednesday, as per Page Six. The incident left the victim, David Peralta, with horrific injuries to his head. Peralta, 18, has filed a lawsuit against Charles Harrison Streep over the alleged beatdown on August 24th. Peralta required emergency surgery to relieve pressure in his brain, attorney Edmond Chakmakian said. Peralta, a John Jay College student and aspiring detective, is now facing significant cognitive difficulties.


“He was looking forward to starting his sophomore year,” Chakmakian said. “Instead, he’s starting years of physical therapy, cognitive therapy. He’s got medical bills hanging over his head in excess of $80,000.” Peralta was allegedly behind the wheel of a brand new Ford Mustang, taking his girlfriend to a Chase bank ATM in downtown East Hampton when he passed Streep, 31, who allegedly ran through a stop sign in his Audi convertible. “The privileged individual that he is, he blew the stop sign like it wasn’t there, came narrowly close to my client’s car,” Chakmakian said. “He yells at my client and David said, ‘Hey, you had the stop sign. You’re in the wrong.'”


Streep, evidently pissed, followed Peralta and his girlfriend by taking an illegal u-turn, following them into Chase Bank's parking lot. “[Streep] said something to the effect of, ‘What are you, 14 years old?'” said Chakmakian. “He’s got a young face but he’s 18.” According to court papers, Streep also allegedly hurled several racial slurs at Peralta, an American-born Ecuadorian. Streep then body-slammed the victim, causing his head to smash into the ground. “After he was unconscious, he lifted up his limp body and slammed it onto the ground,” Chakmakian said. “It was an absolute obscene display of anger and violence.”


Peralta initially said he was fine and refused medical attention at the scene, but once he went home, he realized his condition was growing worse. He was airlifted to Stony Brook University Hospital for emergency surgery. The teen suffered a brain bleed and had to have a piece of his skull removed to relieve the pressure. “If he was there 20 minutes later, he would not have made it or he would’ve been left in a vegetative state,” Chakmakian said. “He’s never going to be the same. He’s lucky if he finishes college.” The suit was filed on Wednesday in Manhattan Supreme Court and it seeks punitive damages.


“The defendant’s conduct was intentional, malicious and racially motivated, as evidenced by the defendant spewing racial slurs during the attack,” the suit said. The lawyer also added that he’s petitioning the Suffolk County district attorney to file upgraded hate crime charges against Streep. He will now face felony charges of strangulation and assault. Streep's father Dana, is Meryl’s brother. Streep's lawyer is said to have declined to comment on the issue. The Suffolk County DA’s Office said it’s reviewing the facts of the incident. “As with each and every case, our office will conduct a thorough investigation of the facts and bring any and all appropriate charges,” a spokesperson for the DA said in a statement.


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