Men Are Turning Their Beards Into Gorgeous Floral Bouquets Just In Time For Spring

Men Are Turning Their Beards Into Gorgeous Floral Bouquets Just In Time For Spring

Your beards can be adorned with fresh flowers and leaves to make them look beautifully vibrant!

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Spring is right around the corner, and flowers are in full bloom. It's time to stop and smell the roses, or whatever flower you prefer quite literally. With most of us working from home during the ongoing pandemic, men have decided to take their beard-grooming skills up a notch and how. Now, men are turning their beards into a colorful bouquet, and we have to admit, it does look rather stunning.   



The combinations of decorating your beard are endless. This flowery beard trend began in 2019 when artist Hayley Shae put a bunch of flowers in a friend's beard for an art exhibition, making it an instant hit, reports Diply. She shared a picture on social media: A portrait of @instafenton and his mystical garden beard. Conversation with John has me thinking today about intentionality and authenticity.






Delving into the past to recognize what’s most true and realigning with that perspective. Exploring the idea of ancestral gardens and wanting to re-listen to all of my @devendrabanhart records. However, it is unclear where this trend originated from. However, not many were on board with this bearded look. Clarice Retto Casper shared on Facebook: Gross! It’s bad enough they carry the remains of their breakfast, lunch, & dinner in it not to mention whatever they spew from their mouths!!!  However, Bob Gillespie added: These are not MEN, they are males with flowers on their face. this is worse than the freaking man bun.






Similarly, for Valentine's day back in 2019, gag gift company Firebox came up with a beard bouquet to gift your man. Unlike a bouquet of fresh flowers, these clips can be placed strategically and make them stand out! According to PEOPLE, the Beard Bouquet is a set of nine clip-in red roses to decorate your man’s facial hair for Valentine’s Day. According to Firebox, these novelty gift items were created for all-day comfort thanks to the clips that don’t "tug or pull." These aren't that cheap, and they come for $14.99.  






Then again, not everyone was happy about it. Jessica Dickens wrote on Facebook: This isn't a thing. Just because someone says "it's a thing" does not make it a thing. This is just ridiculous. Stop encouraging stupidity. Michelle Bish shared: No. No they're not. No one is doing this. Ok well ONE person: the guy who posed for this picture. Other than him? NO ONE. Now stop it.  Teresa Badejo commented: I'm so happy my husband doesn't fall for this foolishness...he is a man...not a sissy!!! Jonathon D. Dolloff added: True. But I'm pretty sure that beards don't need roses to be beautiful #barebeardsarebeautiful.




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