Crop Tops For Men Now Exist And People Are Divided!

Crop Tops For Men Now Exist And People Are Divided!

Fashion retail website ASOS is now selling crop tops for men and the trend has the the internet divided!

We talk about equality in all aspects of life, but when it comes to fashion, there seems to be a barrier. Women have forever flaunted their midriffs with crop tops, now more than ever, since it's summer now. Women have so much to choose from when it comes to fashion, but for men, it's usually a pair of pants or shorts, and shirts and t-shirts. These fashion norms have already been established and they have been followed by people diligently, until now. According to Today, ASOS has come up with crop tops for men, and it's breaking the internet. 

Source: ASOS.com


An extreme cropped top, a bandeaux, and a cropped varsity tee seem to be in the men's section on ASOS's website. People seem to be losing their mind because they can't process the fact that men could wear, and carry off crop tops if they wanted to. But, honestly, this is not the first time men have been wearing crop tops. Fashion trends always make a comeback, and these are just proof of that. 

Source: ASOS.com


Back in the 80s, men wore crop tops and they were known as half-shirts back then. Elaine Hamilton, Editor of BellevueGrl Fashion & Style Blog wrote: Yes, They actually did. It started with sports, football players started wearing those mesh tops, then it carried over to tv shows and movies. Actors like Johnny Depp, even the musician Prince made them famous. Remember the show "Fresh Prince" on tv? Before long, it spread to the Euro-disco scene, and then to the mainstream.

Source: ASOS.com


With all the backlash against the clothing item, ASOS took to Twitter to share their own response amidst the noise. They simply wrote: Proudly breaking down fashion norms since 2000. Basically, if it's not for you, then don't get one for yourself. Who's forcing you to? A lot of celebrities back then, including Will Smith wore crop tops, but none of this judgment happened back then. 



Here are some of the funny, miffed, shocked, and delighted Tweets about the crop tops or the 'moob tube':

1. Guess they're not a fan.


2. This person is contemplating their choices. 


3. It's all about embracing one's true self. 


4. Tell me this ain't cool.


5. It's not the end of the world.


6. Is this true?


7. Johnny Depp looking dapper! 


8. Something to think about.


9. Crop tops for all ages.


10. Damn right, they're the future.


11. He's a quitter.


12. Not someone to go with the flow.


13. Now, that's the spirit.


14. It's great to be confident about your body!


15. Why Mollie, why?


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