Melania Trump Is Third Most Admired Woman In US, Beating Ellen, Oprah, And Hillary Clinton

Melania Trump Is Third Most Admired Woman In US, Beating Ellen, Oprah, And Hillary Clinton

A new poll from YouGov showed that First Lady Melania Trump placed in the top-3 among the most admired women in the United States.

An annual study by YouGov, which interviewed more than 42,000 people from 41 countries, showed that First Lady Melania Trump is America's third most admired woman in 2019. Melania finished third according to the polls, behind former First Lady Michelle Obama, who finished first, and current Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who placed second.

The study is conducted every year by YouGov, in agreement with American analytics and advisory company Gallup. This annual poll has been conducted every year since 1948. For the study, Americans are asked, without prompting, to say what man and woman "living today in any part of the world, do [they] admire most?" YouGov has since extended this list to a worldwide spectrum and has published a different list for the 'Most Admired Men and Women in the World'. 



On her road to third place, First Lady Melania beat out other national icons including Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, and former Presidential candidate and First Lady Hillary Clinton.  As for the Men's list, YouGov reported that the most admired man in the US in 2019 is Barrack Obama, who also finished first in last year's poll. President Trump, on the other hand, finished second this year, keeping his position from 2018. Right behind him is actor Clint Eastwood.  



The list for 'Most Admired Men and Women in America 2019' differs considerably from the survey conducted for the entire world. Bill Gates finished first on that list and Barrack Obama second, but Michelle Obama was crowned Queen topping both the National and International survey. Unfortunately for First Lady Melania, who is now America's third most admired woman, she only managed to finish at #19 in the international one. But the Slovenian Sphinx has definitely surged in popularity in the past year, jumping seven places compared to her position in the same ranking last year.



A ranking of the UK’s most admired men and women was also compiled. Queen Elizabeth II topped the list, followed by Michelle Obama and then Dame Judi Dench. For the men, it was David Attenborough followed by Barack Obama and then future monarch Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. 

First Lady Melania is not new to negative publicity. Her outfit choices have been questioned in the past and her passive stances involving several of President Trump's controversial remarks and policies also further eroded her image. Furthermore, once the results of the polls were released, many took to Twitter criticizing the First Lady's position at number three. Various reasons that included extensive comparisons to others who finished below her in the poll were cited by users. 



While this list goes on to dictate popular opinion in a totally unbiased way, it doesn't necessarily have to deeply reflect on each individual's worth and esteem. The increased support for First Lady Melania may stem from various intentions, with the most important one being that she too has been called out as an "immigrant" who's US citizenship had been granted much later than some of the congresswomen that President Trump accused of being "un-American" and asked to "go home". But nevertheless, the First Lady does know how to carry herself in public and will play a crucial role if her husband is to retain his seat as POTUS next year. 

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