In Beautiful Moment, Megan Rapinoe Shares Celebratory Kiss With Girlfriend After Winning FIFA World Cup

In Beautiful Moment, Megan Rapinoe Shares Celebratory Kiss With Girlfriend After Winning FIFA World Cup

During an interview, Rapinoe said, "Go gays. You can’t win a championship without gays on your team."

FIFA Women's World Cup proved to be Megan Rapinoe's third record win. The 34-year-old, co-captain of the USWNT proudly celebrated her much-awaited and well-deserved achievement after planting a celebratory kiss on her WNBA girlfriend Sue Bird's lip,s reported PEOPLE. This adorable picture was captured when Rapinoe approached Bird who bent towards her from the sideline giving the audience a picture perfect moment to be smitten with. The US team proved their excellence once again by defeating Netherlands 2-0.



Although the score, in the end, seemed like an obvious win, it certainly was not the case in the beginning. The game had appeared pretty tight until Alex Morgan was awarded a penalty shot, as an opposing player kicked Morgan dangerously high. Rapinoe took this shot and of course secured a goal by easily kicking the ball all the way behind the net. Thanks to Rose Lavelle the team was able to score another goal and they came out victorious.


People cannot stop praising Rapinoe's amazing performance and neither could her girlfriend, Bird, who reportedly was sitting out of this year's ongoing WNBA season pertaining to a knee injury. However, this limitation allowed her to fly all the way to France and support Rapinoe who she has been dating for over two years. The duo first connected during the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics. Speaking of her girlfriend's team a few days before the game, Bird told USA Today, "What they're doing right now, it's amazing."


Bird who plays for the Seattle Storm recently penned down a piece for The Players' Tribune, supporting Rapinoe who has been in a constant back-and-forth with the President of the United States, Donald Trump, because of her refusal to visit the White House following her win, as per traditions. The striker has been very vocal about her disapproval of Trump's administration. Applauding her partner, Bird revealed how proud she was of her. "Megan, man….. I’ll tell you what. You just cannot shake that girl," wrote Bird proudly. "She’s going to do her thing, at her own damn speed, to her own damn rhythm, and she’s going to apologize to exactly NO ONE for it." 


Rapinoe was one of the first players to have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation for discrimination in pay along with Colin Kaepernick. She has also been very vocal about fighting for LGBTQIAP+ rights. Showing her support Bird wrote, "On some levels, if you read it, there is some humor in there. It's a light, fun way to use your voice, but also address some things." She continued, "More than anything I wanted to hype Megan up a little bit and also have her back. ... It was challenging at times trying to get the right message across that I wanted to convey, but I think all in all I'm happy with it. There has been a lot more love than hate. Unfortunately, there has been some hate, but that's just reality we live in right now."



Bird further expressed that whatever she wrote was definitely not from a political view. "I don't feel political. To me, this isn't a matter of tax reform and things of that nature," said Bird. "This is treating people with respect, treating people like they're human, just like you are. That's where I stand with it. That's what I believe in. It's very similar to what Megan believes in. More than anything, I wanted to have her back and talk about some soccer." After the team won this year's World Cup tournament held on Sunday, Trump was asked if he was going to invite the freshly crowned champions to the White House or not. To this Trump told reporters, "We haven’t really thought about it."



Sports columnist, Dan Wetzel reported how Rapinoe expressed her pride for her LGBTQIAP+ community, last week. "Go gays. You can’t win a championship without gays on your team," said Rapinoe ahead of France's Pride Day. "It’s never been done before. Ever. That’s science right there," continued the striker. A picture starring the players belonging to the LGBTQIAP+ community- Rapinoe, Ali Krieger, and Ashlyn Harris, kissing their medals - surfaced. The image was also retweeted by the USWNT who captioned it "Told ya." 


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