"Manipulative" Mom Creates Crowdfunding Page To Raise Money For Infant She Smothered To Death

"Manipulative" Mom Creates Crowdfunding Page To Raise Money For Infant She Smothered To Death

On May 24, Victoria Jackson informed the authorities that her 10-month-old baby was unresponsive in his crib. What investigators revealed later is heartbreaking.

A Florida mom was accused of ruthlessly murdering her baby was recently called out for setting up a GoFundMe account to raise the expenses of the infant's funeral. According to the Clearwater police department, the heinous crime was committed on May 24 this year when 24-year-old Victoria Jackson called 911 and informed the authorities that her infant was unresponsive in his crib at their home on North Highland Avenue. Her 10-month-old baby, Malachi, immediately taken to the  Morton Plant Hospital by the first responders where he was sadly pronounced dead reports, WFLA


Although Jackson maintained that she had no hand in her son's death, investigators followed up on the case considering the cause of death was undetermined. It wasn't until recently the officials learned about the grim reality that Jackson was hiding. According to a report by ABC Action News, the 26-year-old mom opened up to one of her friends and confessed how she smothered her infant to death by placing a pillow on his face until he stopped breathing. The department further confirmed how the heartless mother created a GoFundMe page following the death of her child to raise money for the funeral, thus managed to accumulate thousands of dollars for the same. 


"I want to give my son the best memorial service I can. He died last Friday night. I’ve never been so heartbroken in my life. Please help me take care of my baby one last time," wrote the hypocritical woman on the page which has since been removed. According to news.com.au, the fundraiser successfully garnered over $4000 before being shut down on Sunday. Fortunately, the crowd-funding platform offers its customers a refund policy and they have already begun the process. "It’s important to know that the platform is backed by the GoFundMe Guarantee, which means all donors are fully protected by a refund policy," the company said. 


Marah Gonzales, one of the contributors and friends of the accused mother shared, "Tragedy is a time where you need to be the most compassionate and loving and kind and she totally just took advantage of that. No one knew the real story of what happened other than her and whatever friend that she told. It was just kind of so manipulative to the point she was consistently reaching out and consistently like please donate to this, and this, but with very, very little details." Gonzales who has known Jackson since high school added, "It’s definitely a tragedy but it’s definitely like a sobering thing to understand things like this do happen and it’s tragic and it’s how can we as a community get better from it like how can we grow from it."


Now, the 24-year-old manipulative mother has been reportedly charged with murder in the first degree. Her first court appearance was on Saturday and she still remains in Pinellas County jail without any bond. 

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