Manager Blackmailed Ballerina With Nude Pics, Dismembered & Dissolved Her Body In Acid, Say Cops

Manager Blackmailed Ballerina With Nude Pics, Dismembered & Dissolved Her Body In Acid, Say Cops

Olga Demina, a ballerina from the widely popular Bolshoi Theatre, went missing six years ago.

Image Source: Getty Images/Luis Alvarez (Representative)

Disclaimer: This story contains graphic details of murder that readers may find disturbing

Russian authorities have uncovered grim details about the disappearance of a ballerina from the widely popular Bolshoi Theatre. Olga Demina went missing six years ago and detectives recently learned during their long-running probe that the 25-year-old was blackmailed with her nude photos and later dismembered and dissolved in sulphuric acid. Investigators made this discovery while following a new lead and now believes that the dancer was killed after becoming a victim of a sting operation carried out by a man who possessed "sexually compromising" pictures of Demina.


Malkhaz Dzhavoev was named the prime suspect and described as the ballerina's "manager" and "lover." The 40-year-old was previously detained in 2017 in Moscow after being apprehended on an Interpol warrant from Germany where Dzhavoev had fled to from Russia and posed as a Kurdish refugee. Then recently, he was sentenced to jail for five and a half years for his fraudulent involvement in a flat that belonged to Demina's boyfriend Alexey Fetisov, who is also suspected of the dancer's murder. Recently, a law enforcement official told Komsomolskaya Pravda that Dzhavoev had slipped up and revealed that Demina's lifeless body "was dismembered and dissolved in acid" and that her remains were probably thrown in a well situated near a lake. 


According to The Sun, a source revealed, "Search work is underway there now. Sulphuric acid does dissolve everything to zero. Some body fragments should be preserved. But they still need to be found." Right before Demina's disappearance, Dzhavoev had reportedly taken her on a trip outside Moscow which involved dancing for a group of businessmen at a night club. It was also reported that Dzhavoev and his father purchased sulphuric acid from an industrial source leading police to suspect the man. In 2019 a skull was found close to the area where the 40-year-old's mobile signal had been registered on the night of Demina's disappearance. However, it was later found that it had nothing to do with this case. 


Demina's devastated mother Elena was also given the gory details of her death. "Investigators told me new information appeared in the case. The killer murdered her and then dismembered the corpse…then he dissolved parts of the corpse in acid," Elena. Describing Demina's final days leading up to her disappearance, Elena said that her daughter had paid huge sums of money to Dzhavoev before her tragic death. "Shortly before her death, she sold her Peugeot car. She went to sell it with Malkhaz, he took the money," she revealed adding, "Olga also had loans in her name - and gave the money to Malkhaz. She was completely at his mercy."


Elena said she received troubling and strange texts from her daughter's phone, according to Daily Mail. "Mum, this is Olya (Olga). I stole a large amount of money. I cannot go to Moscow. I'll now go to Europe for 10 days. Do not answer calls if they call you. Do not look for me. Don't go anywhere," it read. The ballerina did everything she could to prevent her "sexually compromising" pictures from being posted online but even after paying large amounts of money, the images surfaced on the internet. A criminal case lodged into the dancer's disappearance alleged, "While in the apartment on the night of August 20, 2014, Dzhavoev allegedly attacked Demina and committed premeditated murder."

Image Source: Getty Images/Luis Alvarez (Representative)

But Dzhavoev's lawyer denied these charges or any wrongdoing on the part of his client. Instead, he claimed that Demina might have fled abroad where she is living her life using the proceeds of a housing scam. "We have information that Olga Demina was long dreaming of leaving Russia and arranging her personal life abroad," a member of Dzhavoev's legal team said. This is contrary to what the girl's family claims. They revealed that the ballerina was cheated out of her money from a housing deal right before she disappeared. "On the eve of her disappearance, Olya deleted everything from her page in social networks - posts, photos, numbers," said her mother. "As if she has disappeared from the face of the earth, so that nothing reminded of her, no clues. What for? Or did someone do it for her?"

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