Man Miraculously Wakes Up From 7-Week Coma And Cancels Own Funeral

Man Miraculously Wakes Up From 7-Week Coma And Cancels Own Funeral

On the exact day David Williams' wife, Staci, planned to take her husband off the ventilator, he woke up. He is now well on the road to recovery.

Image Source: GoFundMe/David Williams Covid Relief fund

Fifty-eight-year-old David Williams caught the COVID-19 virus that left him in a coma. The coma lasted for seven weeks and the doctors had told his family members that his chances of survival were less than one percent. The family had already started preparing for the worst and had started coming to terms with the fact that Williams will not be waking up again. His family had even planned a funeral for him. A family-friend had even agreed to be his pallbearer. On the day Williams was supposed to have been taken off the ventilator, nothing short of a miracle happened.


In a dramatic twist of tale that only a Grey's Anatomy episode could do justice to, Williams woke up. It also happened to be on the exact day his wife, Staci, planned to take her husband off the ventilator. This left his loved ones in shock as much as it did the medical professionals who had predicted otherwise. “We had planned the day after Thanksgiving to have the ventilator turned off," Staci explained to KSHB. "They didn't think he would survive very long, and the day after Thanksgiving when we showed up, he opened his eyes,” she recalled of the miracle her husband had pulled off.


Dr. Scott Kujath, a family friend of the Williams' said, "Then, that Friday I got a phone call saying the funeral was canceled, and that's just amazing. I’m a physician, I understand the science of medicine but the art of medicine is fabulous, and when God's got a plan other than ours he can work miracles, still." It was also Kujath who insisted the family wait for a while before taking Williams off life support. “I flat out said, I don't think it's time,” Kujath said. “And I don't have a good reason why, I didn't have a medical answer as to why, but it just didn't seem like it was that time yet."

Source: GoFundMe

Williams not only managed to wake up from the coma, but he is now well on the road to recovery. He is also off dialysis and his kidneys are recovering too. "I just see it as an opportunity to come back and finish out my life story,” he said about this second shot he gets at life. Williams has lost his father and friends to the virus. So this turn of events has come as great news for his loved ones. “There is hope, we don't have all the answers on this disease yet and we're getting surprises every day,” he said. The church where his funeral was planned never had to cancel a funeral before this one. “It's just a miracle and I'm grateful to be the recipient,” Williams said.


Williams and Kujath are close friends who go to the same church and are also in the same prayer group. "I think there's been a lot of people in the Kansas City area as well as friends that we have internationally that have been praying for David this entire time and I do believe that's made the difference because I can't explain it with science," Kujath said of the miraculous recovery his friend experienced. Williams is now breathing by himself and learning to walk again. He even organized a GoFundMe for his friend, who was self-employed before the hospitalization and did not have medical insurance. 

“That strength that you just can't understand was there,” Staci said of her husband. “And that’s the story that people need, is that hope and that love.” Williams' also believes that there is strength in hope, which is why he wants people to never give up.


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