Man Tells Wife That Taking Care Of Their Child Is Her "Responsibility" As She's On "Maternity Leave"

Man Tells Wife That Taking Care Of Their Child Is Her "Responsibility" As She's On "Maternity Leave"

The man told his wife that because he was made to look after the baby for a while, he didn't get to rest after work or even receive a thank you from her.

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Motherhood is a whole new experience for people, and some bounce back immediately, while others take a little while longer. The thing with having a child is that both partners are responsible. However, not everyone thinks that way and a new mom shared her issues on Reddit. The woman, who is on maternity leave, is set to get back to work soon. She asked her husband to take care of their baby for a bit since she wanted some time to herself, just so that she could see if her old clothes still fit her. I'm on maternity leave. My husband works 4 10's. After work today I told him to feed the baby and distract him if he gets fussy so that I could have a chance to go through my clothes.


I'm returning to work soon and I still have some baby weight so I need to see if anything fits. I can technically do this while my husband is at work but the kiddo was really fussy and I was working through a new recipe so I didn't have the time. Somehow, the husband felt it was a huge burden to take care of their child after getting back from work. Mind you, the mother just spent an entire day taking care of her baby while putting her needs aside.  Later on in the evening, my husband made a comment about how he didn't get to rest after work and how I didn't even thank him for helping me out tonight.


I got upset and said that spending time with his child is not a favor he's doing for me, it's just being a parent. He said that on the days he is working, the kiddo should be my responsibility since I'm on maternity leave and I have time to rest during the day.  I put in way more than 40 hours a week taking care of the baby and I even sleep in a separate room so the nightly feedings don't wake my husband up. I just get so sick of being "on-call" all the time. Sometimes I just want to focus on a task for a few hours without having to drop everything to feed or play with the baby... I feel guilty for reacting so negatively now.


He really is the most amazing person and he works so hard to give us a great life. I make it a point to acknowledge the effort he puts in and thank him for everything he does which is why he made that comment about not thanking him for helping. One user said the woman wasn't wrong for not thanking her husband, and shared: After pushing a watermelon out of her body, at that. My husband worked 4 10s when our LO was an infant, he'd come home and take over so I could eat, rest, shower or have a minute to think. NTA . Absolutely not. He's a parent, the child is not a basket of laundry that can wait till the weekend. Life sucks, get a helmet


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