Man Tells His Wife's Daughter That He's Adopting Her In The Sweetest Way Possible

Man Tells His Wife's Daughter That He's Adopting Her In The Sweetest Way Possible

Tim always knew he'd have to share his wife Annie with her daughter, but he never thought they would become this close.

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Most of us have a loving family, but not everyone is fortunate enough that way. Sadly, not everyone has a family, and they make do with whoever they have. Little Kylee wasn't fortunate enough to grow up with a dad, but let's say fate's funny that way. Sometimes you do get what you want, and it comes to you when you least expect it. 


Tim was Kylee's mom's boyfriend and he's now married to her. He wanted to make things official, so he decided to adopt Kylee. Tim Bobbitt always knew that he’d have to share his partner’s attention with someone when he first met his then-future wife, Annie. She was a single mother to a young daughter, Kylee. But with time, Tim and Kylee grew closer and developed a close bond; he knew she was a blessing in disguise. 


When Tim first met Kylee, he had no idea he would have such an important role to play in her life. Now, he's the one that carries Kylee to bed at night, dances with her in the living room, plays video games, goes on roller coaster rides with her, and also makes sure to attend every single one of her cheerleading and dance events. Though they're not related by blood, they were destined to be. 


The bond they shared was so pure and true that there was nothing more Kylee wanted than for Tim to be her father, and on the day Tim and Annie got married, Kylee popped the question, too. She gave him a letter asking him to be her father, and that's a lot more than Tim ever wished for. The paperwork obviously took time, but when it was all done, Tim decided to go all out and surprise her with a similar proposal of his own in 2017. 


Tim staged a family photoshoot just so he could interrupt it by reading a heartwarming letter and announcing it as the day he was officially adopting her. He read the letter out and then said that he was making her wish come true by adopting her and Kylee couldn't have been happier. Tim later shared the video on Facebook and wrote: There are a few days in my life that I'll never forget. Moments of my life that are special and changed my life for the better. I adopted my wife's daughter, Kylee. It was one of the best days of my life.



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