Man Allegedly Rapes Helpless 8-Month-Old Puppy On Owner's Front Porch

Man Allegedly Rapes Helpless 8-Month-Old Puppy On Owner's Front Porch

The poor pup's genitals were swollen and bleeding after the horrific assault

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Trigger Warning: This story contains details of bestiality and animal cruelty that readers may find disturbing

A revolting incident unfolded in El Paso, Texas, after a man was allegedly caught having rough sex with a helpless pup on the front porch of its owner's house. 24-year-old Chevance Smith was caught red-handed by the dog's owner with his boxers down and his private parts exposed. When confronted about his disgusting and cruel act, Smith defended himself saying that he was merely hugging the animal. But the serious injuries inflicted on the pet's genitals showed otherwise. The dog was left bleeding after being sexually assaulted. A release from the department stated that the dog was an "8-month old female Boxer/ Pit Bull mix breed dog." 

Per a press release from the El Paso Police department, deputies responded to a call from 3215 Nashville Avenue on October 3 around 1 a.m. On arriving at the scene, officers immediately arrested the man, who is now detained at the El Paso County Detention Facility and his bond has been set at $7,500. After the disturbing incident was brought to light, the department’s Animal Cruelty Investigations Unit also launched a case. Speaking of the injuries sustained by the poor dog, police stated a "subsequent examination by a veterinarian found the canine had suffered genital injuries and trauma consistent with the contact observed by the witness."


According to kfoxtv, the owners heard a screeching noise right outside their home. When he went out to check, he was left shocked to discover Smith lying next to the pup named Meda. Speaking to the officers the owner revealed that the culprit was holding the dog's rear with one hand and was choking him with another. As the owner arrived outside, Smith stood up and was seen partially naked. Even though his genitals were out in the open, he told the owner, "What? I'm just hugging Meda." Later on, he even offered the dog owners money to not speak about the incident with anyone or report the matter to the police, stated the affidavit. Smith then allegedly told the owners, "I didn't know you had dibs on the dog." 


The worried pet parents noticed that Meda's genitals were swollen and were bleeding. After gathering his family member, the owner alerted the police. Unable to get out of the situation, Smith became aggressive and tried to punch Meda's owner, according to witnesses. But he was overpowered by others who were present at the location who managed to keep him there until the police arrived. Apparently, the dog was scared and she reacted aggressively when she saw police officers. Smith was taken into custody and charged with bestiality. 

Unfortunately, a similar vile incident happened in February in Virginia, and this time the sordid act was caught on surveillance cameras. 19-year-old Raymon McCloud was captured raping a pregnant dog at his friend, Kasper Carlton's house according to The Sun. McCloud was staying at his pal's place and did not know that they had surveillance cameras. When Carlton found out about the horrific crime, they handed over the video to the Animal Control Department in Gloucester. "It surprised me. It scared the hell out of me," he told Metro speaking about the video. "I have never seen anything like that in my life." 


The 42-year-old had been helping McCloud recover from an abusive relationship in his childhood and never expected him to do something like this. "I still care about him a lot ... but what he did was purely f*****g disgusting," he told the outlet. After the video was handed to the authorities, the teenager was taken into custody for animal abuse and bestiality. Carlton notes that drugs are to be blamed for McCloud's behavior. "My friend got into crack and meth and everything changed," he said. "His whole personality changed." 

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