This Man Is Set To 'Marry' His Beloved Cat To Help Raise Money For Animal Shelter

This Man Is Set To 'Marry' His Beloved Cat To Help Raise Money For Animal Shelter

While quarantine weddings have become fairly common these days, this holy union will be different from the rest—because the 'bride' is a cat.

Image Source: Instagram/scottperry

Many businesses have been ripped apart due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and its resultant lockdown. But thanks to the community, people have come together to help build some of them and Scott Perry from California is definitely one of those helpful members. It all started when Perry decided to marry the love of his life, Olivia. While quarantine weddings have become fairly common these days, this holy union will be different from the rest—for starters, the "bride" is a cat.


In 2015, Perry and his then-girlfriend adopted Olivia, who at the time was a 2-year-old medium-haired feline named Collette, from Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles, according to PEOPLE. When he first brought her home, she was apparently very shy and would spend most of her him hiding from them under the furniture. Olivia began warming up to him when Perry was going through a break-up. "I don’t know why Olivia pulled the disappearing act, but within days of my girlfriend leaving the next year, Olivia emerged from her shell and has not left my side ever since!" he shared in a release regarding his upcoming 'nuptials'.


The duo has developed a strong bond over the course of their five years together. Perry says that they have especially grown closer over the past two months thanks to the quarantine. Hoping to renew the commitment he made to Olivia when he first brought her home, he decided to propose to the cat in a sweet display of appreciation for her. Olivia was laying out on the front porch when Perry popped the big question. She responded to his cute proposal with a "Meow!" and Perry took it as a "Yes!" 


But there's more to this not-legally-binding wedding between Perry and Olivia than hilarity. The duo's "wedding" will help raise money for Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles, the same shelter that brought them together. The adorable "couple" has also created a wedding website on Zola chock-full of quips about their pending ceremony, as well as a link to their registry that fans can use to leave messages for the special pair and donate to Best Friends. Perry hopes to raise $5,000 for the shelter which is doing incredible work. In addition to this beautiful deed, the pair is also encouraging animal lovers to donate to other local animal rescues of their choice. 


Before your FOMO sets in, everyone is invited to watch it! You can RSVP for the wedding which will be taking place on Saturday, May 23 at noon PST by visiting the couple's Zola site. The wedding will be streamed live on  Perry’s Instagram—a celebration of the happiness brought to your life by a shelter pet and the commitment that is pet adoption. For Perry, Olivia has been the most important factor keeping him sane during this lockdown. "My kitty has helped me stay sane during this lockdown," he shared, adding, "Pets allow us to have a warm, positive interaction with another living creature while we have to maintain distance from others. And I am sure that our furry friends have helped millions of others cope with this situation worldwide."

Perry also appreciated the beautiful work of shelters who take discarded pets under their care and help give them a new family. "The impact of the work that shelters have done is immeasurable. They provide safety to animals and happiness to families throughout the year, especially when we are smack dab in the middle of kitten season," he said. "I challenge everyone to donate and adopt from local shelters, and commit to their pet on May 23."


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