Man Pulls Insensitive ICE Prank On Immigrant Friend And His Parents For April Fool's Day

Man Pulls Insensitive ICE Prank On Immigrant Friend And His Parents For April Fool's Day

The prankster seemed surprised that the victim was LIVID and blocked him on every platform.

Image Source: Reddit

This year, not many people had time to plan and execute jokes on April 1st, because, let's face it, the world has been playing a very mean prank on us. However, there were a few nincompoops who decided to go ahead and actually pull pranks on people, even though we are in the midst of a pandemic. People are already running low on hope and patience, and now's just not the time to fool people. Redditor u/ICEICEBAAABY took to the platform's r/AmItheAsshole community with the following question: AITA for playing an ICE prank on my friend? The prankster—a Texas resident—then went on to explain how they pulled a crass and insensitive prank on their friend, someone they've known for nearly 16 years. The post has since been removed. 


For April fools, I thought it would be funny if a couple of friends and I dressed up, and pranked our friend who’s a DACA recipient. His parents are undocumented despite coming here a long time ago; they also speak only Spanish and very broken English. The timing for this prank was perfect because ICE is doing raids etc, the Redditor began. I got 2 other guys with me, who he doesn’t know, and we dressed up officially with sunglasses, etc. We even printed out a fake warrant, they continued. The fake ICE trio then made their way over to the unsuspecting friend's house, pretty excited about the mean prank they were about to pull. 


We went over to their apartment at 7 and started banging on their door. We said “This is ICE here, we got a tip-off on an undocumented couple living here. We have a warrant signed off by (XYZ). You have the right to remain silent as anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law” etc. We could hear them visibly panicking, and it took everything in us to keep a straight face, the prankster bragged. As cruel as the prank already is, they decided to take it further. They went on to say, "do not attempt to run away, as we have law enforcement surrounding the area." The Redditor explained that the trio then proceeded to bang on his friend's door some more, yelling "open up!" 


Then my friend comes out, and I say April fools, gotcha. And we throw confetti at him. He was LIVID, revealed the Redditor. Can you blame the person who was the butt of this joke for losing his calm? He unfriended me on EVERYTHING after I tried reaching him. I texted him at 9, then 10, and it’s now almost 1 now. I didn’t think the prank would backfire this badly, as I come from a prankster family. Every year we’d play pranks on each other. I understand I took it too far but is it really worth ending a friendship of over 16 years because of this? the Redditor asked.  Thankfully, before the post was deleted, fellow Redditors set him straight by telling him that he had, in fact, crossed a line.


YTA and I am baffled how you do not see that. Your friend likely has a very real fear of his family being broken up in this manner and you treated it as a joke for your own amusement. It isn't a joke to him or his parents, who by the way certainly did nothing to deserve the stress you no doubt put them through. This isn't a prank that backfired, it went exactly as you expected it to and you're just upset that you're rightfully experiencing consequences for your shitty behavior, commented u/Qekis. YTA. What the hell is wrong with you? That is not a prank, that is just cruel. And for the record, calling it a prank does not make it one. How poor are your social skills that you would even Imagine this would go down well? added u/mellomschmomsen


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