Man Climbs Up To Mother's Hospital Window Every Night, Watches Over Her Until She Dies

Man Climbs Up To Mother's Hospital Window Every Night, Watches Over Her Until She Dies

The doting son never left his mother's side until she breathed her last.

Image Source: Twitter/Mohammed Safa (Illustration By Safaa Odah)

A mother's love has no limits, but this man from Palentine has proven that there's always a way to show someone that you're with them even if you're not together. The total number of coronavirus cases have crossed the 10,000 mark in Palestine. For 30-year-old Jihad Al-Suwaiti, these have been trying times, especially since his aging mother Rasma Salama was diagnosed with the virus a few weeks earlier.



On Thursday, she succumbed to it. Due to her diagnosis, they had to be separated, but he made sure that he was there by her side till she passed away.  According to Bored Panda, Jihad would climb up to her hospital window every night that she was in the hospital. He perched himself on the narrow windowsill, only coming down after he'd made sure that his mother, Rasma, was fast asleep. She was also battling cancer, reports Mirror Online. She was diagnosed with leukemia.



"He climbed the pipeline on the building to get up to a spot to see his mother, who was on the second floor. He spent most of his days there, observing his mother's condition from outside the window. He only came down after he was convinced that his mother had fallen asleep," said a hospital staff. Jihad was told not to climb up to the window, owing to safety reasons, but he paid no heed to it. Jihad’s brother, Abang Jihad Rasmi, told local media outlets that he was stubborn and refused to part with his mother.



"[Our] mother had leukemia and was diagnosed with Coronavirus a few weeks ago," his brother explained. "Now, [Jihad] seems to be able to accept the statement." Being the youngest child in the family, Jihad was extremely close to his mother. "He was very close to our mother, especially since our dad died 15 years ago." Sadly, Jihad's mother's immune system was already compromised because of her cancer diagnosis. When the hospital apologized for her death, they acknowledged this as well, stating that they couldn't have done anything more to save her. Since her passing, a heartbreaking image of Jihad sitting by his mom's hospital window has gone viral. 



One illustrator chose to pay homage to Jihad's heartbreak in the most sympathetic way possible. Using her talents, she drew an illustration of the 30-year-old by a window. However, this time, his mother wasn't inside the hospital—she was beside him, floating right next to his shoulder, as an angel with wings. The illustrator, Safaa Oda, simply wanted to depict the pain and grief of losing a loved one, especially during such a health crisis, and let Jihad know he would never be alone. At present, the number of cases in Palestine is still on the incline, and it doesn't show signs of slowing anytime soon.



People were touched by the photo and some shared their own experiences. Twitter user named Nora shared: My heart is full reading this. Lost my Mom (not to COVID) just before lockdown. Had she not died, I'd have certainly driven 2 1/2 hours to stand outside her window at her LTC residence, just so she could see I was there. This young man personifies the definition of a good son. Dannie Todd added: Although my Mom didn’t pass from covid, we weren’t able 2 see her while she was in the hospital due 2 covid. When the end was near, they allowed us to take her home and once she knew where she was, she passed peacefully. So sad for those who aren’t able to be with loved ones.




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