Stray Dog Who Got Kicked By Cruel Driver Comes Back With His Friends To Destroy His Car

Stray Dog Who Got Kicked By Cruel Driver Comes Back With His Friends To Destroy His Car

What goes around does come around, because Karma truly is a you-know-what. Honestly, there were a million ways to keep the dog out of the parking spot instead of kicking it.

Dogs are gentle and kind and they are full of love, but as humans, we just don't deserve them. Some people just treat dogs like crap, they abuse them and expect them not to retaliate because it's not in their nature to do so.

An angry stray returned with a pack of his friends to give this man a taste of his own medicine after he mistreated the dog. You wouldn't believe it, but the dogs did no harm to the man. Instead, they went ahead and attacked the man's most prized possession - his car. Now, that's karma!

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Reports claim that a man in China kicked a stray dog after he found the dog lying in his reserved parking spot at home in Chongqing, China. Instead of trying to get the dog away from the parking spot, the man decided it was a better idea to kick him from the parking spot because how can the dog lie down in a spot reserved for the man's car to be parked. It was definitely not the place for the dog to hang out, is what he thought. 

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The man got what he wanted, so he parked his car and went home. Minutes later, another man who parked his car in the same lot saw something quite shocking. The mistreated dog came back with a bunch of his furry friends and proceeded to completely destroy the man's car!

Whoever said dogs are stupid should think twice. I mean, these dogs even chomped through the car's metal fenders. 

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Also, these dogs were so smart that they had one dog on the lookout to see if someone was coming while they committed the so-called revenge crime. I must say that these dogs have some teeth because they even managed to chew on the vehicle’s windshield wipers before running away from the scene. The neighbors would have been truly shocked and amazed to have been able to witness something like this. 

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It would have been a no brainer for the car owner to guess who pulled this attack on the car. China is one place that reportedly still lacks proper animal welfare rights, so people don't really think twice before they mistreat animals. In fact, some isolated parts of Northern China even use dog fight as a mere source of entertainment.

But, it's true what they say. Karma really is a bitch! Poor chap will think thrice before he kicks a dog out of his parking spot; anywhere for that matter, really. 



People were just loving this and neighbors just took videos of the attack instead of trying to shoo the dogs away. Helen Thurley wrote: love that the neighbor took photos instead of helping out, you don't want to mess with Karma while she's working her magic do you!

Eileen Sharp added: WONDERFUL REVENGE!!!! Shame they didn't trash the car more of this b*****d of a car owner......what kind of person would actually kick a poor homeless animal? Kicking any animal shows what a b*****d this man is.



André Ferreira Gomes Sampaio, however, seemed to side with the driver: To everyone saying poor doggies you should visit Bucharest, the dogs can be aggressive and attack you for no reason (like it happened to me). The driver is not to blame but the government is by not getting rid of stray dogs... Maybe the driver kicked one because he looked dangerous, as they usually bark and run after the wheels of cars. And if you don't do anything and get bitten, you won't be able to work for a few days because you will need to take anti-rabies shots.. but yeah.. blame the driver why not.



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