Man Jailed For Sexually Abusing Chickens And Dog While His Wife Filmed It

Man Jailed For Sexually Abusing Chickens And Dog While His Wife Filmed It

The judge in the case noted that the wife aided and abetted her partner in the crime and also appeared to enjoy some of the sexual acts herself.

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Disclaimer: This story contains disturbing details of bestiality that readers may find disturbing

A man in England was sentenced to jail after he was found guilty of having sexual intercourse with his pet chickens in the basement of his home. Rehan Baig's wife Haleema, a caseworker, aided her husband in the depraved act by she filmed the revolting incident. The horrifying footage of the abuse against the birds was found under a file named 'family vids,' according to Daily Mail. Bradford Crown Court heard that the pair had rigged the cellar of their home with a GoPro camera to capture the footage which showed both of them indulging the "depraved and perverted" acts. 


The couple's disgusting crimes came to light after their home in Great Horton, Bradford, West Yorkshire, was raided by the National Crime Agency last year in July after receiving a tip about Baig possessing images of child sex abuse. During the raid, two computer towers, a mobile phone, one laptop were seized and videos, as well as images of child abuse, were found. But on further investigation, officers recovered his sickening actions on the chickens and even a dog. They found evidence of both their involvement in having sex with a dog (which was not found) that they didn't appear to own. 



It was revealed that Haleema Baig not only filmed these videos but also joined her husband at one point when Baig alternated between having sex with the chickens and his wife. "There are other examples where Haleema Baig engages in penetrative sexual activity herself with the defendant while he moves between penetrating the chickens and her. She is heard to make sexually encouraging moans to the defendant and engages in consensual sexual activity with him. These do help with her culpability in these particular acts," noted Prosecutor Abigail Langford. 

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Although Haleema, 38, admitted to aiding and abetting her husband's revolting actions, she was spared jail time after the court was provided evidence of her suffering domestic abuse at the hands of Baig. "She left the marital home, she would say, because of domestic abuse. The nature of that abuse being her husband screaming at and assaulting her," said John Bottomley, who represented Heleema. He continued describing her as a woman of good character who had become a victim of "her husband's depravity herself" after he rigged the bedroom with a camera hidden in an iPhone box. "She will suffer shame and humiliation for the rest of her life," he added.

"Moving images were found of the defendant engaging in penetrative sexual intercourse with a number of chickens," Prosecutor Langford told the court, adding that the abuse towards the chicken was not limited to one occasion. "There were numerous different chickens, brown and white birds and the defendant appears to be wearing different clothing, it is the Crown's case that this was repeated behavior," she continued. The court was then informed that the brown and white chickens had died after being subjected to the abuse by the 37-year-old man.



In the video, some of the birds were thrown in the bin liners after being subjected to the shocking act and Baig appeared to continue his sexual acts on a chicken that was already dead. Eventually, Baig pleaded guilty to two counts of performing 'an act of penetration with your penis "several brown and white chickens." Additionally, he admitted to possessing extreme pornographic images that were "grossly offensive, disgusting or otherwise of an obscene nature," and three counts of "making indecent photographs of children, some aged just six years old, as well as the possession of 405mg of cocaine and 4.07g of cannabis resin," reports Daily Mail.



Judge Richard Mansell sentenced Baig to three years in jail for his "depraved, despicable and perverted" acts, saying, "The videos you made would make any right-thinking member of society sick to their stomach and involved unspeakable acts of cruelty to animals you abused for your own depraved sexual gratification." Baig was also ordered to be registered as a sexual offender for life and banned from owning animals ever in his life, saying, "You are not fit to bring up or look after an animal after what you have done." He added, "These home videos were created for your own sexual gratification and kept so that you could go back and watch them, again for sexual gratification. They are beyond comprehension."

Although he suspended Haleema's six-month jail sentence for 18 months after viewing reliable evidence of domestic abuse against her, he said, "You gave the appearance of having enjoyed some of the sexual acts with the chickens and dog. You aided and abetted him in these acts although in truth he doesn't appear to have needed much encouragement to indulge his depraved sexual practices." 

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