Man Claims Cannabis Oil Helped Him Beat 12 Brain Tumors

Man Claims Cannabis Oil Helped Him Beat 12 Brain Tumors

George Gannon, 30, had almost given up during his excruciating chemotherapies but discovering cannabis oil turned out to be a game-changer.

George Gannon, a Hampshire businessman, received the most devastating news regarding his health last summer. He was diagnosed with cancer and had multiple tumor growths in his brain, so chemotherapy was the best option at the time. Amidst the ongoing treatment, the 30-year-old and his girlfriend began looking for alternative medications that rid him of his cancerous cells. Both learned about the medicinal properties of cannabis oil and decided to take their chances with it. 



The Basingstoke-resident started taking cannabis oil back in December 2018 and after witnessing his improving condition, he decided to quit chemotherapy altogether in February this year. After three months of only using the aforementioned oil, an MRI scan revealed that his tumors had actually stopped growing. Of course, he kept using the medication and now medical experts have revealed that he is "essentially cancer-free", according to the Mirror. Apparently, the oil effectively reduced his 12 tumors by 95%.



Gannon was living on the island of Ko Pha Ngan in Thailand and was 29 when he was first diagnosed with multiple brain tumors. Unfortunately, he could not get the medical attention he desperately required there as he had no medical insurance there. According to the Daily Echo, his loved ones began a campaign to raise £25,000 and get him back in the UK. After his return, he was prescribed a high dose of chemotherapy that reportedly had "nearly destroyed" him, leaving him in a dark place.



"The medication I was being subscribed was literally destroying me. I looked like the poster person for cancer, I was so ill. It all got very dark," said Gonnan. He went to the extent of discussing hospice options with his doctor after seeing his deteriorating condition, reports Daily Mail. "It felt as though the doctors assumed I didn't have long left and just kind of gave up. There were talks of me going into a hospice at one point," he shared.  He then put a stop to his chemotherapy after it almost cost him his life and continued his cannabis oil treatment. Gannon took the oil thrice a day and it costed him around £1,300 ($1596) a month.



"I made the decision to come off the drugs by choice and decided to take a natural path, using real cannabis oil instead," said the businessman. Soon he started feeling much better. Speaking to the Daily Echo, Gannon revealed how unexpected the whole thing was. "It was quite surreal, I was shaking like a leaf. It was the best news we could have ever imagined." Explaining how he began noticing some obvious changes in his body after he started taking the oil, he said, "I started to feel like a completely new person but I had no idea if I was well or not."



Suddenly, Gannon was more energetic than usual, however, he was still in the dark about his improving condition. "I started to feel like a completely new person but I had no idea if I was well or not," said the 30-year-old. The man reportedly mentioned how his doctor couldn't believe the progress his body had made. He even described it as the "best day of his medical career" after witnessing just how much his tumors had shrunk. That being said, Gannon made it a point to warn others as he was yet to be cured completely. 



"When you have cancer, you never fully get rid of it. I don't want to hype it up too much but it's more than obvious cannabis oil works well. I mean, it's cleared 12 tumors in less than a year," said Gannon cautioning others. In a Facebook post, he wrote: I'm not cleared just yet. And don't want to hype it up to much (the doc hyped it up for us) but it's more than obvious cannabis oil straight up works, clearing twelve tumours in less than a year.
'I have an incredible family and my absolutely incredible girlfriend Natalie was has been by my side and has been the life line I needed to stay on track.
'She reminded me why I needed to stay on track and I cannot thank all you amazing souls enough for being there!
'Thank you! #****Cancer #WeedWins.


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