Man Pleads Guilty To Having Sex With Chickens While His Wife Filmed The Act

Man Pleads Guilty To Having Sex With Chickens While His Wife Filmed The Act

Rehan Baig, 37, also admitted to downloading indecent photographs of children, possessing extreme pornographic images of sexual acts with dogs and chickens.

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Disclaimer: This story contains details of animal abuse that readers may find disturbing

Just when you were thinking humans could not stoop any lower, a man in England admitted to having sex with chickens. What's more, his wife was the one who filmed him while he performed the degrading acts, reports The Sun. Thirty-seven-year-old Rehan Baig appeared before the Bradford Crown Court and pleaded guilty to a total of 11 counts, this included three of having sexual intercourse with chickens. In addition to this, Baig also confessed to downloading indecent photographs of children, possessing extreme pornographic images of sexual acts with dogs and chickens, and drug offenses, according to Yorkshire Live



His wife Haleema Baig, 37, had also appeared before a judge on July 31 on charges of aiding and abetting "intercourse with an animal." However, she pleaded not guilty to charges of extreme pornography. Speaking about the couple's first appearance before magistrates, Prosecutor Abigail Langford confirmed that Haleema had already admitted to the charges of helping her husband perform sexual acts on an animal. "Mrs. Baig accepts filming her husband Rehan Baig having sexual intercourse with a chicken," Langford told Judge Jonathan Gibson. Advocate Nick Leadbeater representing Rehan said that his client admitted to performing the acts of intercourse with animals.



However, Leadbeater could not reveal when those incidents had actually unfolded.  He asked for the sentencing hearing to be adjourned so that a psychiatric report and a pre-sentence report on his client could be obtained. Furthermore, it was noted that inquiries would be required to be made into incidents to learn whether the acts were all committed on one particular day or if it took place on separate days. "The court may take the view that if these are acts that have taken place on more than one day that would make a difference in terms of sentencing," explained Langford.



"Both defendants assert it was sexual intercourse which took place on one day with these animals and that it was filmed on one day," she continued. In addition to charges relating to extreme pornographic photographs, Haleema pleaded not guilty to drugs matters. It was indicated that the prosecution is yet to consider if her pleas to those particular charges are acceptable. The couple from Shepherd Street is out on bail and would be appearing for their sentence hearing on September 25. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time that we have heard of such inhumane acts against helpless animals.



A 28-year-old resident of Rockland Maine named Nicholase Hill was allegedly arrested in 2018 for raping his pet dog multiple times and recording it at least once. Although Hill initially pleaded not guilty to one charge of animal abuse, he eventually admitted to a charge of animal cruelty on October 31, after reaching an agreement with prosecutors. The court deal, according to reports, requires the man to undergo a mental health evaluation and counseling. He was fined $250, however, the alleged animal rapist will not face any jail time for his crime. Furthermore, he was ordered to have no contact with dogs and expected to complete 60 hours of community service.



If he failed to meet these specific conditions laid out by the court, Hill would have to serve 14 days in jail and pay the $250 fine. Police officers in the case revealed that Hill, who reportedly engaged in sexual intercourse with a dog several times, recorded his sickening actions at least once before sending the footage to a woman via his Facebook Messanger. According to an affidavit filed by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, Hill was arrested in late August, a week after the authorities received complaints from an unnamed individual that he had been having sex with his dog. The investigators on the case were able to obtain a video of the 28-year-old engaging in sexual intercourse with a dog, which he had allegedly sent to a woman in February. 



In the due course of the interview, the female witness revealed that Hill "wanted her to get involved" in a threesome with the dog and himself, as per the affidavit. The woman refused to participate in this cruel activity. Initially, Hill pleaded not guilty to a charge of animal cruelty, but then he changed his pleas as part of a deferred disposition. 

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