Man Punched 3-Yr-Old To Death As She Kept Disrupting His Video Game. Her Last Words Were 'I'm Sorry Dad'

Man Punched 3-Yr-Old To Death As She Kept Disrupting His Video Game. Her Last Words Were 'I'm Sorry Dad'

After the girl's death, Justin Bennett reportedly shared the gruesome details of his horrible crime with a cop who had been undercover for months.

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Trigger Warning: The story contains graphic details of child assault that readers may find disturbing

A Calgary man fatally punched a three-year-old girl in the head, despite her constant apologies. Justin Bennett reportedly shared the gruesome details of his horrible crime with a police officer who had been undercover for months. Bennett was accused of beating his girlfriend's daughter which ultimately resulted in her death back in 2017. It was alleged that the toddler had disturbed him while he was playing video games and an enraged Bennett reacted by throwing punches at the helpless child. Ivy Wick, who was just 3-years-old when she took her last breath, even said, "I'm sorry dad," after being hit by the man the first time. 




On September 27, 2017, Bennett flew into a fit of rage and continued hitting the girl, leading to severe head and brain injuries, according to CBC. She was rushed to the hospital after she became unconscious and died eight days later on October 5. At the time Bennett said that the girl had tripped and fallen but that did not match the girl's injuries. It was only after a year that the 25-year-old was charged with second-degree murder in Ivy Wick's death. A few police officers in Canada had gone undercover to get a confession out of Bennett and he provided one of them with a very detailed description of the murder. Of course, he didn't know he was confessing to the murder at the time. 




Recalling the events that led to physical abuse on September 27, 2017, Bennett told the officer that the girl's mother, Helen Wordsworth, was in the shower when he hit her. "I smashed her head. After I hit her the first time, she looked up at me she said, 'I'm sorry, dad.' And after she looked at me and said, 'sorry,' I just f**kin' threw her against the wall. F**k your 'sorry,' basically," said Bennett about his terrible crime. "I pushed her pretty hard ... I snapped. She got f**ked up. I saw it on her face after I smacked her head off the wall. She was pretty dazed, couldn't walk a straight line." Wordsworth did hear her daughter screaming when he was hitting her, but she ignored it thinking it was one of her tantrums. 




Instead, Wordsworth ordered Wick to go inside her bedroom. However, as she ran towards her bedroom, she was tripped by Bennett. "I have like a kind of hate towards her. I was tired of it, so tired of taking care of an ungrateful kid. One that doesn't f**kin' respect anything," he told the officer. Furthermore, Bennett said that he hadn't shared the details of these cruel acts with anyone and had even thought about taking his own life to escape punishment following her death. "I tried to kill myself after that so I didn't have to face any repercussions with anything. I thought it may be an easy way out..."




The accused murderer was apparently concerned about his reputation and said he did not want to "be labeled a monster." Then he revealed how many times that it was not the first time he had assaulted her. "The first time I knocked her out, when I pushed her up against that corner of the wall … she kinda like tensed up, started like body spazzing. I f**kin' smacked her around a couple times," he admitted while maintaining that his girlfriend has no clue about the physical assaults her daughter was being subjected to. A video of this confession was presented to the court by the case's prosecutors.




Allan Fay, the defense lawyer, tried to shift the blame onto the girl's mother and undermine his client's detailed confession. Appearing in court, Wordsworth said through tears, "I didn't do anything." Wordsworth added that she was working a 7-Eleven job at the time of her daughter's death and that an unemployed Bennett was just living off her money and using it to satiate his addictions and obsessions with drugs, alcohol, video games, and collectible figurines. The undercover officer was part of a group that had befriended Bennett and Wordsworth as a murder investigation was underway. The group of undercover cops posed as members of a fake semi-criminal organization and they tried to assure the accused that they would help him "escape liability for the killing of Ivy" if he tells them about the murder, according to CBC. He finally agreed to reveal the facts after the undercover officers convinced him that they knew a corrupt medical examiner who could make a false report to clear him of causing the girl's injuries.

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