Vile Man Rapes And Drowns 5-Year-Old Stepdaughter After Her Mom Asks For A Divorce

Vile Man Rapes And Drowns 5-Year-Old Stepdaughter After Her Mom Asks For A Divorce

44-year-old Aleksandr Pilipenko was found guilty of brutally murdering Daria Pilipenko at their home situated in the village of Kropotkine, Crimea.

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Trigger Warning: This story contains graphic details of child sex abuse that may be disturbing to some readers

When his wife asked for a divorce, a man retaliated with an unspeakable act of violence as he raped and drowned his 5-year-old stepdaughter. 44-year-old Aleksandr Pilipenko was found guilty of brutally murdering Daria Pilipenko at their home situated in the village of Kropotkine, Crimea in November 2019. On Monday, grim details of the crime were revealed at the Crimean Supreme Court. The ruthless man reportedly battered the youngster to death before raping and ultimately drowning her while she was having a bath. After committing the heinous crime, Pilipenko dressed the little girl's dead body and buried her on the outskirts of the village.


"The stepfather battered the girl during her bath time before committing acts of sexual nature against her. After that he drowned her in the bathtub," said police official Olga Postnova. According to The Sun, the stepfather then reported the 5-year-old girl missing but ended up confessing to the barbaric killing two days later. The cops were led to the girl's body by him eventually. Following an investigation, detectives revealed that Daria's 23-year-old mother, Yekaterina Pilipenko, has asked her husband for a divorce and he channeled his frustrations by killing her child. 

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The relative of Yekaterina said that the young mother had arrived at the decision of ending her marriage after being subjected to domestic abuse. After her beloved daughter was killed, Yekaterina sought medical help. The mother was so heartbroken that she had to be hospitalized at a mental health facility soon after the funeral of her daughter. She still remains in the facility and is being treated as she still traumatized and cannot come to terms that her daughter is no more. "She 'takes Daria to school' and 'talks' to her. She does not believe that her daughter is no longer alive," her relatives said. "At first, she realized that the girl was buried, but then something went wrong. Doctors give positive predictions," they added. As for Pilipenko, he was charged with rape and murder of a minor and was handed a life sentence.

We previously reported how a helpless 3-year-old girl died after being brutally beaten and sexually assaulted by her stepdad. What's more tragic is the fact that, unlike Yekaterina, Janiyah Armanie Brooks' mother Crystal Brooks was aware of the assault and did nothing to stop her husband. 


The incident took place on May 13, 2019, when Albany Police Department received a call about an unknown problem at around 7:30 a.m. When asked about the emergency, the stepfather Gregory Parker said that Janiyah was unresponsive. First responders immediately rushed the child to the hospitals where preliminary tests showed that she had been severely beaten and sexually assaulted. Her hands were swollen, her ribs and genital areas were injured severely, in addition to unknown trauma to her head. Janiyah had to be put on a ventilator at an Atlanta hospital and an investigation was quickly launched. 


Detectives uncovered that the toddler had been a victim of abuse on multiple occasions. Thus, Parker was arrested on counts of aggravated molestation, rape, aggravated sodomy, aggravated battery, and first-degree cruelty to children. While questioning Crystal, officers were shocked to learn that she not only knew about the abuse but was also present when the unimaginable violent acts were happening. She failed to protect her daughter from Parker's assault and even resorted to lying when she said her daughter was unresponsive instead of coming clean. Thus, she was taken into custody as well and charges with aggravated battery, as well as first-degree cruelty to children, and giving a false statement. 

Disclaimer: If you know of any children who are being subjected to abuse, please contact The Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at (800) 422-4453.

If you are being subjected to domestic abuse or know of anyone else who is, please visit The National Domestic Violence Hotline website or call 1-800-799-7233 or text LOVEIS to 22522.

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