Man Spends $11 Million He'd Saved For Daughter's Wedding To Build 90 Homes For The Homeless

Man Spends $11 Million He'd Saved For Daughter's Wedding To Build 90 Homes For The Homeless

The man from India spent $11 million on building a place for the poor and homeless to stay. The billionaire businessman used the money to help the poor instead of funding his daughter's wedding.

If you were a billionaire, what would you do with your wealth? Most of us would splurge on the most luxurious commodities that money can buy or travel the world in style. However, there are just a handful of people who would consider giving back to society.  Recently, an Indian billionaire, Ajay Munot, decided to do exactly that instead of using the money for his daughter's wedding.  He decided to spend the  $11 million that was kept aside for his daughter's wedding to help the homeless.  While that might seem like a significant amount for the rest of us, for him it wasn't a dent in his wallet. He used the money to construct 90 apartments for the underprivileged people to stay in. Munot thought it was best to do something more meaningful and productive to celebrate the occasion. 


By the time the wedding came around, Munot managed to build 90 homes for the unprivileged people. 18 more houses are in the process of construction. At least now, the people will have a roof over their heads after a long and hard day's work. There is no information as to why he changed his mind about the way he was going to use the $11 million. Well, why question something this positive, right?


The houses that were built were rather small. Each house was approximately 12 x 20′ and they only have two windows each. The houses do, however, include basic facilities like clean running water and electricity. The homes might seem to be rather small for most people but for the homeless or the poor people who previously lived in the slums this is a step up considering they now have a home to go to.  



What Munot did has helped so many families who were in desperate need of a home where they could live peacefully.  They are very grateful to Ajay Munot for what he has done. Even though he changed his mind regarding spending money on his daughter's wedding, his charitable move has attracted a lot of positivity from everyone.



Was his daughter upset with the fact that her father chose to help the poor instead of making her big day as special as possible? Not at all. Shreya Munot was, in fact, grateful to her father for giving back to society. On her wedding day, they opened the living quarters and handed each family a key to their new home. The bride and groom did still manage to have a nice ceremony because the father did not spend all of the $11 million on the charity. The money left after building the apartments was used for the wedding.



Ajay Munot is currently one of the richest people in India. He is a businessman who deals with reselling wheat and cloth. He has taught the country and the world an important lesson. It is always important to give back to society. Changing the life of 200 people is way more important than a wedding. Yes, the wedding day is supposed to be the most special day of your life but what if you could make special for more than just yourself? Makes it a whole lot better, doesn't it?


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