Man Brutally Punches Helpless Dog Three Times In The Face, And Tries To Drown It In A Hot Tub

Man Brutally Punches Helpless Dog Three Times In The Face, And Tries To Drown It In A Hot Tub

The dog survived but was left with some redness in his eyes. The abuser prison sentence was suspended because he had a medical condition

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Trigger Warning: This story contains details of animal abuse that some readers may find disturbing.

Toffee, a three-legged French Bulldog was subjected to unbelievable torture by Glenn Calderwood, 57, on Jan 20, 2020, according to Daily Mail. The poor animal was not only punched three times in the face but was also held underwater by Calderwood, the Willesden Magistrates' Court heard. Calderwood, from Brent, left the French bulldog — that didn't belong to him —  "yelping and crying" due to his cruelty. Initially, the man denied harming the pooch but after a trial, he was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal. He was ordered by the court to pay the dog’s owner, Tara Riddex £150 ($207.62) in costs and £150 in compensation. 



He was also given a 20-week prison sentence which was suspended for 18 months owing to his medical condition that hasn't been specified. Prosecutor Stuart Bell went into details stating that a neighbor heard Toffee "yelling in significant pain." When they looked out of the window, they were horrified to find Calderwood holding the dog "by the scruff of the neck five foot above the ground." Bell continued: "He is then seen to have punched the dog three times to the head with a clenched fist. The dog was continuously yelping and crying." The vile man didn't stop there. He went "over to a hot tub in the garden, which had a cover on it but one foot of rainwater had gathered on top of it. The defendant used both hands to push the dog under the water. The dog had been yelling and then the neighbor could not hear the dog any longer."



The neighbor immediately shouted at Calderwood to let go of the dog, and when he finally did, the poor animal was left with redness in its eye. Bell believes this was done on purpose to inflict pain on Toffee. "Forcing the dog underwater was a deliberate and gratuitous attempt to cause suffering," he noted. "The dog was in great pain and subjected to being under the water for many seconds." Calderwood, who wore a grey suit, with his hair tied up in a ponytail admitted that his "behavior was somewhat erratic." 



While the lawyers deliberated the case, Calderwood shouted, "I've have been anxious about this for over a year. Do I have to suffer any longer?" Magistrate Michael Herlihy told Calderwood, "The attack was several blows to the dog and he tried to drown the dog in a hot tub. These were deliberate acts that would have caused significant distress to the dog and its owner. The attack was so serious it warrants a custodial sentence. Your medical condition leads us to be able to suspend your prison sentence." Calderwood has had prior convictions for common assault, causing a disturbance on NHS premises, stealing from his workplace, and even assaulting a police constable.



Sadly, instances of animal cruelty are not one-off. In another incident, we reported a man who adopted two pups just so he could starve them to death. David Goodburn reached out to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa in March 2020 to adopt dogs, and the shelter, unaware of his motive, handed over two stray dogs to the 21-year-old.

Goodburn then brought the animals home so they would purposely die of hunger and thirst, revealed the police. The vulnerable animals were left at an apartment in Des Moines, Iowa, without food or water. Eventually, the helpless animals succumbed to starvation and died after spending weeks in pain. Their rotting body was discovered on May 18 after a neighbor got a whiff of the foul smell originating from Goodburn's apartment and reported the same to the authorities.


Per the complaint, the power of the apartment was also cut. Goodburn was arrested and the animal abuser admitted to his heinous act during an interview conducted by the police. "It's believed Goodburn intentionally left the dogs to die," said Animal Rescue League of Iowa Executive Director Tom Colvin. Goodburn was taken into custody and charged with two counts of animal neglect — serious injury or death — both of which were serious misdemeanors.


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