Man Bit, Punched, And Squeezed Girlfriend's 2-Year-Old Son For Peeing On A Sofa. He Later Died.

Man Bit, Punched, And Squeezed Girlfriend's 2-Year-Old Son For Peeing On A Sofa. He Later Died.

The incident took place in Florida and the suspect is held under custody.

Source: Polk County Jail

Trigger Warning: This story contains details of child death readers may find disturbing.

A Florida man allegedly bit, squeezed, and beat his girlfriend's two-year-old boy to death in a fit of rage after the boy urinated on a couch. Alegray Damiah Jones, 30, admitted to beating the child till he passed out late on Thursday. Soon, Jones called 911 from Winter Haven, Florida, and began texting his girlfriend at 11 p.m. while she was at work, asking her to call for help, The Lakeland Ledger reports. Police arrived at the scene of the crime at around 12:45 a.m. soon after which paramedics arrived and took the child to a hospital. Unfortunately, the toddler died shortly after as doctors couldn't do much to save him.



When police questioned Jones, he reportedly told detectives that he "popped" the boy on the hand and leg before throwing him onto an air mattress. Police added that he then picked the boy up and held him forcefully against his own body by squeezing his own arm against the baby's stomach. He then took the boy to the bathroom where he threw up, before putting him back on the air mattress. Jones further said he found the toddler unresponsive and tried to "wake him up" by biting his forearm. When the boy's mother called him on FaceTime, he showed the child's body which prompted her to call 911 for help. Doctors found bruises, a laceration on the liver, brain bleeding, and what they identified as possible "adult human bite marks to the left forearm" on the toddler.



Dr. Stephen Nelson, the medical examiner, said the boy died of a homicide caused by a blunt force trauma. Jones is being held in Polk County Jail without bond and has been charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child. In another similar story, a 23-year-old father has pleaded guilty to the murder of his infant son in 2017 after complaining about him on Facebook. Ortiz Deion Smothers Jr. was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole on Monday afternoon upon entering his guilty plea in Houston County Superior Court, reports The Macon Telegraph. After serving a minimum of 30 years, the father will be eligible for parole consideration. According to a news release from the District Attorney’s Office, the term was a recommended sentence by both the defense and prosecution. The term was rendered by Chief Judge Edward D. Lukemire.

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Based on the arrest warrant for Smother, emergency responders tended to an emergency call regarding an unresponsive infant at 10:50 am on June 12, 2017. The infant who was just four months old at the time had probable skull fractures. The next day, the baby named Omar Smothers was declared brain dead and was taken off life support. The news release stated: It was determined that the infant had suffered multiple bilateral fractures to his skull. The injuries were inconsistent with any sort of accidental cause, appearing rather as the result of a deliberate impact or multiple impacts to the infant’s head.

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In a similar story, from across the border in Canada, police went undercover for many months to get a confession out of a Calgary man, Justin Bennett, who beat his girlfriend's daughter leading to her death back in 2017. She had allegedly disturbed him when he was playing video games and he was enraged. The girl, Ivy Wick, who was just 3-years-old at the time of her death, even said "I'm sorry, dad" after being hit the first time. Bennett then went on hitting her in rage leading to serious head and brain injuries, CBC reports. She was transported to a hospital, where Wick died 8 days later. Bennett was charged with second-degree murder a year after the girl's death. One of the undercover officers who took Bennett into confidence was given a very detailed description of the murder, without knowing that the accused was confessing to the murder.



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