Man Charged With Beheading Ex-Girlfriend Thought She Was 'Satan' Working To Bring Down Donald Trump

Man Charged With Beheading Ex-Girlfriend Thought She Was 'Satan' Working To Bring Down Donald Trump

Tishko Ahmed Shabaz kept Wilma Andersson's head wrapped in foil and it was discovered by cops. Traces of his DNA and her blood were found on a kitchen knife, but he has denied the murder charges.

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Trigger warning: This story contains graphic descriptions of murder that readers may find disturbing

A 23-year-old Swedish citizen has reportedly been charged with murder on Wednesday, May 13, for allegedly beheading his 17-year-old girlfriend. According to The Sun, Tishko Ahmed Shabaz was very controlling when it came to matters regarding his girlfriend, Wilma Andersson. It is understood that he would regularly go through her phone and even choose outfits for her to wear. He had also installed a GPS tracker on her phone so he could monitor her every move. On November 14 last year, Andersson went to Shabaz's apartment to collect some of her belongings after they allegedly broke up, but she never left the apartment. 




A week later, her severed head was found in a suitcase at the apartment in the town of Uddevalla. Shabaz was charged with murder but has denied it thus far. Investigators were told how the suspect believed his ex-girlfriend "was Satan and worked with the Democrats against Trump", according to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. Shabaz is said to be an ardent worshipper of President Donald Trump and he's even said to have tried to travel to the U.S. because he wanted to help Trump with his presidential campaigns, but he was stopped at the Swedish airport since he did not have all the necessary documents required to travel. 



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After being taken into custody, Shabaz—born in Iraq and later obtained Swedish citizenship—was reportedly found unconscious in his cell. When cops thoroughly searched his residence for evidence of murder, they stumbled upon a large kitchen knife which had "traces of Wilma" and they also found blood everywhere in the flat. That is when they found the teen's severed head wrapped in aluminum foil, secured with tape. In one of the country's largest searches ever, over 5,000 experts, police officers, and volunteers partook in the hunt for the teen.  




Andersson's decapitated head was discovered on November 28, and the discovery was announced the following day, states Daily Mail. However, the rest of her body is still missing. "I kept ringing the doorbell. But he only said that they had had an argument and that she just ran out of the apartment," said Andersson's mother, Linda, to local TV. The indictment claims that Shabaz had murdered Andersson when she went to his flat to collect her belongings. "The suspect has retained a body part for an unknown reason and got rid of the rest of the body," the police chief said. 

The indictment also stated that some of the neighbors claimed to have heard Andersson let out a blood-curdling scream. Shabaz was even said to have lied to Andersson's parents that she'd left the flat alive. This seemed quite hard for Linda to believe because her daughter's coat and handbag were allegedly still hanging in the closet, and Linda says she would never have left the flat without them.  However, Shabaz has pleaded not guilty and did not respond well to the suggestion that he had killed his ex-girlfriend. "You forget that this is a girl that I have loved and that I have lived my life perfectly," he said to investigators. "If I had murdered her, I would not have cut off her head," said the 23-year-old, according to The Metro.





Though the rest of the body hasn't been found even six months after her death, relatives are urging people not to abandon their search just yet. "We want to find our daughter and sister. It is completely inhumane that we go through this, so please do not stop looking for Wilma. I hope people are observant if they see something aberrant in water or terrain. That people have their eyes open," Linda told local media. Meanwhile, Shabaz's trial is set to begin on May 26. 

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