Man Beats 7-Month-Old Baby To Death Over 3 Days, Abused 4-Year-Old For Finding Trash Under Bed

Man Beats 7-Month-Old Baby To Death Over 3 Days, Abused 4-Year-Old For Finding Trash Under Bed

The man called 911 around 7 am on May 12th to report the baby was "ill and not breathing."

Image Source: Elko County Sheriff's Office

Trigger Warning: This article contains graphic details about child abuse.

A 24-year-old man from Elko, Nevada is facing first-degree open murder charges after he repeatedly beat a seven-month-old baby, that too over a period of three days. Unable to withstand the abuse, the baby died, according to CBS Austin. The man, identified as Nathan O'Dell, has also been accused of abusing the infant's four-year-old brother so badly that he needed medical assistance and had to be taken to the hospital. It is alleged that he beat the boy because O'Dell found trash under the boy's bed. Elko police reports state that both the toddler and the young boy are not related to O'Dell. 


In fact, he was merely taking care of them as their mother left them with him while she went to work. Police haven't revealed details of the relationship between the mother and O'Dell. At around 7 am on May 12th, O'Dell called 911 to report the baby was "ill and not breathing." He initially told the cops that he had left the baby unattended when he went to change his clothes. He came back to find that the baby wasn't breathing. He then told the cops that he allegedly dropped the baby on his head in the shower while he was trying to get him to wake up. 


Later, he admitted to the cops of the abuse he put the baby through. Over a period of three days he: Hit the baby in the head "out of frustration". Struck the infant "about a half-dozen times. Threw the infant onto a bed. Tossed the baby into a playpen, and even forcefully squeezed the infant "while trying to console him". The critically injured toddler was rushed to the Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City but unfortunately, he couldn't be saved. Doctors said that the 7-month-old had multiple skull fractures consistent with violent shaking, also known as “shaken baby syndrome," according to Elko Daily Free Press.


His death was ruled as "abusive head trauma resulting in brain damage." The four-year-old boy also had bruises all over his body, but most of it was found in his buttocks area. O'Dell was formally charged later that day with open murder, "including first-degree murder committed in the perpetration or attempted perpetration of child abuse." He was also charged with felony child abuse for neglect against the four-year-old. His bail was listed at $270,000. People were heartbroken over the news. Michael Angelo shared:  As a father who is not with the mother, this is your worst fear. You can never trust the next man, and i never will. For this to happen...it would be the last of my freedom. I'm ending him.

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John P. Acosta wrote: Hang him in public. It’s time our country started caring more about protecting children, than child murderers. Juliet Reese wrote: Poor babies he will get what he deserves but the mother need to also be held responsible you just don't leave your kids with just anyone. Mozart Finleyson posted: He himself needs to be punished like the Indians did buried up to his neck with his hands and legs tied together pour honey all over his head and let the ants take him out slowly. Jane Velez added:  That is awful why this mother trusts her children to these men that are not their children's father. I feel sad for the children they don't understand. I hope he get a dead petition.

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