Dog Owner Who Brutally Injured His Pet With Hammer Avoids Jail Time

Dog Owner Who Brutally Injured His Pet With Hammer Avoids Jail Time

A cruel 33-year-old man who repeatedly struck his pet Staffordshire Terrier named Dwayne said his dog ruined his synthetic grass which led to his violent actions.

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TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains graphic details of animal abuse.

In an outrageous turn of events, a cruel man who repeatedly struck his pet Staffordshire terrier named Dwayne with a hammer won't be facing any jail time. During the trial, MtDruitt Local Court was informed how the 33-year-old was seen alongside two dogs, who were cowering from him, and a blood-covered wooden plank on November 12, 2018. While the Jack Russell terrier was uninjured, witnesses remember seeing a helpless Dwayne with blood dripping from his mouth. When concerned members of the public confronted the man, who is a resident of Emerton situated in the west of Sydney, and asked him to take his dog to a vet, he immediately refused to do so. 

Defending his actions, the owner claimed that his dogs had ruined his synthetic grass, thus leading to his heinous actions, reports Daily Mail. Soon, the witnesses intimated the police and RSPCA NSW and lodged a complaint against the man for ill-treating his pet. When RSPCA officers arrived at the suspect's home to investigate the matter they were shocked to see both the dogs locked up in the laundry. On examining further, they found that the back of the deck was covered with blood. 

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Concerned about the well-being of the animals, the inspectors from the animal's welfare immediately arranged for a locksmith to rescue them. Dwayne was then seized from the man and immediately rushed to a vet for treatment. After examining the pooch, the veterinarian revealed that Dwyane's injuries were consistent with the recent brute force trauma he had suffered. Unfortunately, the Staffordshire terrier also suffered a cut on his tongue and several fractured teeth. On examining his urine, the vet found traces of blood that they linked to the injury Dwanye had sustained in his urinary tract organ after being consistently hit there.


There were several witnesses who voluntarily provided the court appalling video footage of the man chasing Dwayne around the backyard with a hammer. After catching up to him, the man was seen ruthlessly hitting the dog behind his legs with it continuously for about ten minutes until the helpless animals began yelping and squealing in agony. Ignoring the dog's heart-wrenching cries, he continued to beat him. The RSPCA inspectors returned to the owner's house three days later to warn the owner about his violent actions but the accused continued to deny all the allegations until the heartbreaking footage emerged. 

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"You left that dog in continuing pain as a result of not minor injuries, requiring medical treatment. Put yourself in the dog's position if you were the subject of an assault. They feel pain. You should reflect on that," said the magistrate while sentencing the man. Regarding the case "appalling," RSPCA NSW Chief Inspector Scott Meyers said, "There is nothing your pet can do which justifies treating them in this manner. Pets look to their owners for the basics, food; water; shelter, but also love and affection. This is a very serious example of offending and is further compounded by allowing this dog to continue to suffer as a result of his own actions. I'm sure most of our supporters would consider this appalling conduct."  

Finally, the man was sentenced to a four-month intensive corrections order in October 2019. This meant, that he merely had to complete 50 hours of community service for his horrifying crimes. Additionally, he was banned from owning any pets for a period of five years, however, he was allowed to keep his Jack Russell terrier which was already under his care and was uninjured.

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