Man Receives A Surprise Funeral Service On His Birthday: "I Loved Every Second Of It"

Man Receives A Surprise Funeral Service On His Birthday: "I Loved Every Second Of It"

Eli McCann was left "speechless" when he arrived at his party hosted by his boyfriend Skylar Westerdahl.

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Birthday parties are always fun, especially surprise ones. but what's more amusing are the ones that take us by surprise. Colored streamers, balloons, cake, and a bunch of people waiting to yell "Happy Birthday" are all the hallmarks of a celebration. However, Eli McCann was at a loss for words when it came to his 33rd birthday. His boyfriend Skylar Westerdahl had an unusual surprise for him. He threw him his very own funeral, instead. While that might sound morbid, the thought behind it was incredibly sweet. Westerdahl's believed that people should not have to die in order to have their friends express why they love them.



Westerdahl, who is now McCann's husband, decorated a friend's house in honor of the occasion, replete with a fake casket created out of an ironing board and pillows. Then he hung up a few pictures of McCann all around the place and saw to it that all the guests wore black. Not only this, but he also planned to have some fun with his partner and advised the guests to ignore McCann during the funeral making it seem as if he was actually dead. Speaking to the Mirror, the lawyer who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, shared that his spouse's quirky creativity left him "speechless."



Recalling the events of the bizarre day that unfolded in 2017, McCann said, "He told me we were going to a nice dinner so we needed to dress up." He continued, "Twenty minutes later we arrived at a friend's house where I could see that all the windows were blacked out with curtains, which I thought was odd. He said we needed to stop inside and say hello so I got out of the car. As soon as we walked in I saw about 15 of my friends all dressed in black sitting in the chairs pretending to softly cry. My husband immediately took a seat and a friend in priestly attire stood and welcomed everyone to my funeral. They all pretended they couldn't see or hear me through the entire service."


After realizing that he was being ignored, McCann decided to quietly observe the service. "After I realized they were ignoring me, I just sat on one of the chairs and watched the service." Apparently, he loved every bit of it. "It was so charming and funny and morbid and I loved every second of it," he said of the funeral service that went on for about 30 minutes and featured a slideshow of photos with Bette Midler classic, "Wind Beneath My Wings," playing in the background. There was a brief moment when people read an obituary which was written by McCann's colleague Meg Walter, while his mother helped in preparing the program list. 



Thankfully, at the end of the "funeral" ceremony awaited a regular party where people stopped pretending that McCann was invisible and finally interacted with him. "It was so perfect," he said. McCann is always taken by surprise by Westerdahl's creativity. The man explained how his talented beau comes up with creative and entertaining ideas every year for different occasions. "My husband is always thoughtful like this. Last year he surprised me with skydiving on my birthday (which was absolutely terrifying). He has created elaborate scavenger hunts all over our city for Christmas gifts," he said. "He's creative and delightful and I honestly can't believe I ever got so lucky to meet him."


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