Man Shouts 'Get A Fu**ing Job' At Family In Line For Church's Food Drive

Man Shouts 'Get A Fu**ing Job' At Family In Line For Church's Food Drive

The couple said that they were left traumatized after the man yelled derogatory remarks at them in the presence of their children.

Cover Image Source: YouTube/azfamily powered by 3TV & CBS5AZ

An Arizona man was arrested for disorderly conduct after he stopped by a food drive Thursday to shout at people in line. According to local CBS News affiliate Arizona's Family, the man — who was later identified as 46-year-old Ryan Bryson — yelled "obscenities and degrading remarks to members of the community" who were at the food distribution event held at a Buckeye school. Maricopa County Sheriff Deputies revealed that they were called to the event following multiple complaints about Bryson's behavior, part of which was captured in a cellphone video recorded by someone at the scene.



The video shows Bryson yelling at a family from inside a white truck while they waited in their car for food offered by the local church's food drive. The couple, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation, said that they were left traumatized after Bryson yelled derogatory remarks at them in the presence of their children. The parents said that — like many families during the coronavirus pandemic — they've been struggling to find work and that they were at the food drive to help feed their four children. "He looked at my son and told him that his parents were pathetic and couldn't afford to feed him. At that point, all my manners went out the window," one parent said.



"Get a f***ing job!" Bryson is heard yelling in the video. Arizona's Family tracked down Bryson, who is the owner of High Side Electric in Buckeye, following the incident and asked him about his disrespectful behavior to those at the food drive. He said that he stands by what he said and that," those people need to go to work. They should be ashamed of themselves." Deputies also located Bryson following several complaints about his behavior, which Sheriff officials described as disruptive to the establishment and food distribution process.



Witnesses also told investigators that Bryson yelled obscenities in the presence of minor children who were attending the event with their parents. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office confirmed Bryson's arrest on Friday afternoon and revealed that he was booked for disorderly conduct charges. Meanwhile, on social media, several netizens condemned the man for his heartless actions. "You'd think if you were concerned over whether or not someone has a job, you'd hand out applications rather than blind hate," wrote Reddit user WigglestonTheFourth.



"Damn you gotta be a real piece of sh*t to loudly and publicly bash people needing help who really don’t want to ask for it but have no choice. His assumption that they don’t need the help is his own selfish stupidity on display. Ironically, I'll bet this dude thought Trump was unfairly treated for four straight years and was vocal about defending him," commented u/eblack4012. "That is cold. What the hell. I am so sad for the family that was left traumatized and publicly shamed for doing the right thing for their children. I would be so livid if I was struggling and someone like this from a truck like a coward made me feel humiliated for the only thing I could do to feed my family," wrote u/frustratedwithwork10.



According to The Associated Press, between March and October of 2020, Feeding America — the largest anti-hunger organization in the U.S. — gave out 4.2 billion meals to struggling families. The organization reportedly saw a 60 percent average increase in food bank users during the pandemic, of which about 4 in 10 were first-timers.

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