Man Edits Himself And Girlfriend Into 'Sleeping Beauty' Movie, Proposes To Her In Theater

Man Edits Himself And Girlfriend Into 'Sleeping Beauty' Movie, Proposes To Her In Theater

It's not every day that you propose to your high school sweetheart and so Lee Loechler decided to go all out to sweep his darling off her feet.

Image Source: YouTube/Lee Loechler

Being creatively impaired is not an excuse to not have a great proposal planned for your partner and Lee Loechler certainly didn't make one when proposing to this girlfriend Sthuthi David. He came up with an incredible idea but its execution couldn't have been easy. So, Loechler decided to surprise his partner at a packed movie theatre while her favorite movie Sleep Beauty played in the background. However, it wasn't technically the movie she loved whole-heartedly but would go on to cherish it more than the original. 

It's not every day that you propose to your high school sweetheart. The thoughtful boyfriend spent six months altering pivotal scenes of the iconic movie. He changed the characters in a way that they looked exactly like the couple themselves. Furthermore, the genius made some changes to the storyline so it would lead to the big question he was impatient to ask her. 


Taking to Reddit, Loechler shared the reaction of his girlfriend through a video that has been applauded by many. When the scene finally changes, David's expressions can be clearly seen turning into sheer confusion and delight as she continues to try and piece it all together. However, the set-up was too great to be unraveled this quickly. Finally, when the illustrated character throws a ring towards the audience, Loechler immediately stands up and pretends to catch it and then turns towards David. The thing that impressed everyone beyond anything was the whole freaking thing! From the cute re-illustration to the heart jokes he cracked (as David is a Cardiologist), to her realizing that they were indeed surrounded by her friends and family- it was perfect!

Of course, his efforts didn't go vain as David did say yes to his proposal. As for Redditors, they couldn't help but post hilarious comments reflecting on the masterpiece. @mattrva confessed: I was just gonna propose to my girlfriend in the Starbucks parking lot where I first told her I loved her. Welp, that ain't gonna do anymore... Another @XXLpeanuts shared: Welp this guy went and did it, theres no point in any of us proposing now he's out done us all. @nextzero182 wrote: He had the ring in his hand already, just kind of clapped it to make it seem like a catch. It's a smart move really, this proposal was flawless.

Another @Fish75 expressed: I usually hate these things but you did it right, particularly having friends and family there. Well done! Finally, @thenanuwatiger congratulated the lucky couple and wrote: I proposed to my wife in front of Disney Castle in Orlando and I've never felt less proud about it than after watching this video lol. For real though this is one of the best proposals I've ever seen, bravo.

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