Malibu Is Releasing Canned Pina Coladas And Your Summer Just Got Better!

Malibu Is Releasing Canned Pina Coladas And Your Summer Just Got Better!

These will come in varied flavors such as pear, cola pineapple and classic pina colada and are set to hit all major liquor stores within a month.

Pina Coladas are a popular drink! So popular that your summers are more or less incomplete if it does involve loads of this cocktail. While they may be a favorite of any parties by the pool or just a lazy summer get together, we sure hell know that no one wants to take the trouble of making one of these. Finding that perfect blend of rum, coconut cream, and pineapple can be quite effortful. That's why we have bartenders who can whip up the drink within a matter of minutes.


But what if you don't want to go to a bar or a pub where the drinks are served to you? What if you want to chill with your mates at a beach or hang out by a lake but still want this drink without the trouble of making one for yourself or others. Well, it seems you are in luck because of Malibu, the rum company, just released a ready to drink and pre-mixed Pina Coladas in cans.


You can't believe it, you say? Well, we can't either, but it is true.  You can now enjoy the drink anywhere you want and anytime. It's as easy as getting your supply of beer and cracking open one. What's more, if you are the experimental kind who would try different iterations of the drink, then there is another good news for you.


The new line of canned Pina Coladas will come in all kinds of flavors. These include the classic pina colada, pineapple, as well as others such as pear and cola. While we may have teased your taste buds, the canned drinks will be available in all major liquor stores only in about a month's time. But hang in there. A wise man once said that patience has its own rewards.



In this case, we can't agree more. The wait is long but once the products are released we are sure you will be more than satisfied. Meanwhile, you can kill some time by doing a tasting test. How about visit the bars in your town or city and try out the various Pina Coladas they have on offer.  Then when Malibu's Pina Colada finally does hit the stores you will truly know how good the product is. 





We are pretty sure the canned drinks will not disappoint. So it's time to make some space in your freezers because the summers are set to get a whole lot better with these drinks. Stock up once you get hold of these so that you can surprise your friends or the ladies at your house party by whipping out one of these!      

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