Maleah Davis' Father Shares Heartbreaking Picture of Her Pink And White Casket Featuring Her Favourite Cartoon

Maleah Davis' Father Shares Heartbreaking Picture of Her Pink And White Casket Featuring Her Favourite Cartoon

After over a month, all the evidence linked Maleah's mother's ex-fiancé to the 4-year-old girl's death. The casket featured Maleah's favorite cartoon: My Little Pony. It was donated by a Texas-based company.

The case of Maleah Davis, a 4-year-old girl in Houston whose remains were disposed of by her mother's fiancé in the Texas- Arkansas border has left a lot of people shaken. The themed pink and white casket has been designed after Maleah's favorite cartoon character: My Little Pony.  The image was shared by the private funeral service that will organize the funeral to be held this Saturday.  The colors of the casket were also her favorite.  "She touched the lives of many; our shining, beautiful little girl, the light of our lives and the star of our hearts who leaves us smiling through our tears. She was happiness personified," reads her obituary on the Richardson Mortuary's website.



The obituary listed Maleah's favorite color as pink and said, "She loved 'My Little Pony,' all the girly things one could imagine." An image of the casket was also posted by Maleah's biological father, Craig Davis, on Instagram, that was peppered with multiple pink emoji hearts.  An image of Maleah on top of the casket flashing a wide smile and riding her favorite character from the cartoon, the Rainbow Dash among billowing clouds was also seen.



The four sides of the casket featured a number of ponies and rainbows from the cartoon. The inside of the casket was just as beautiful as the outside with its pink and green theme. Her name, "Maleah Lynn Davis,"  was displayed in bright colors. The inside was upholstered with rainbow blankets with a bright light and images of the beloved children's show on the top. 


 Darion Vence, Maleah's stepfather, had fabricated a story about Maleah being abducted by three men in Houston from a highway after he was hit on the head and fell unconscious on May 4. The case was suspicious from the start with Vence claiming that the men had abducted Maleah while sparing his son who as also with them in the car. Vence also reported his silver 2011 Nissan Altima being stolen according to CBS News. 



However, the police said Vence's story kept changing and things didn't add up. Vence was ultimately arrested in connection with Maleah's disappearance. He later told a community activist that he had disposed of her body in Arkansas. Quanell X, the local civil rights activist who visited Vence in jail, said that Vence insisted what happened to her was "an accident." Maleah's remains were found in a garbage bag near a freeway 30 miles northeast of Houston on the Texas-Arkansas border in the town of Hope according to Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences. 


Vence was also found to have tampered with evidence, Houston police said.  They also added that they had found blood evidence in Vence's apartment which was linked to Maleah. Vence was seen carrying a laundry basket out of the apartment. The police found the laundry basket in his car along with a gas can. The Institute of Forensic Sciences said the cause and manner of her death were not yet determined.

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