Starbucks Barista Mansplains A Pregnant Woman That Coffee Is 'Bad For Baby', Causes Severe Outrage

Starbucks Barista Mansplains A Pregnant Woman That Coffee Is 'Bad For Baby', Causes Severe Outrage

Tiffany Stevenson, a British comedian was a third party observer to a conversation between the woman and the employee who repeatedly asked her to consider her order due to her pregnancy. She tweeted about the same and it has led to massive outrage.

Womb bothering. Ever heard of the word?  If you haven't, wait let us explain. It's basically mansplaining about pregnancy BUT to a pregnant woman. This term was described by a female British comedian, who described the ordeal and botheration a pregnant woman had to go through before she got her Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks in the UK, reports Scary Mommy.

It all happened when a Starbucks employee, and to remind you once again (who is not a doctor) thought he could be smart and believed he knew better than the soon-to-be mother of the child herself. And steps in Tiffany Stevenson, the comedian and third-party observer to the conversation between the very patient lady and the annoying employee.




Stevenson nearly lost her mind and her bearings out of sheer anger and because of the temerity of the man behind the counter for trying to stop the pregnant woman from ordering her coffee drink. Highlighting the entire ordeal in a series of tweets, Stevenson wrote,  “Unbelievable bit of womb bothering in Starbucks at services.” She highlighted how the man offered to make the woman a decaf instead of her original order once he realized she was pregnant.





The woman said she wanted her original order to which the man said according to Stevenson's tweet, 'No I should because caffeine is bad for the baby.’ The pregnant woman was still calm enough to engage with the man and stand her ground. For many people, this would have been the end of employment.

Minding one's own business is something that has been taught to us since we were kids Even if no one taught us, it is a norm if you want to live in a society. Clearly, this Starbuck employee had been living under a rock. 



The lady explained that it was fine for her to have "1 (coffee) a day". The American Pregnancy Association has said that women should limit their intake of caffeine to 200 mg per day. Other professionals say that 150-300 mg per day is also okay. In the case of Caramel Macchiato, the woman ordered a drink which had 150 mg -- well within the prescribed limit.

So, the woman knew exactly what she was she doing and what she was ordering. No need for Mr. Smart Guy here to come and explain something he has no idea about or experienced.   



This should have very well been the end of the matter. However, it was not to be. The man further ran his mouth and said, "but you shouldn't."

By now, Stevenson could no longer hold herself and asked the employee, "Are you a man, telling a woman what she should and shouldn’t have during pregnancy?" He replied, "Oh just because it is bad for the baby." YES. We heard you and what you had to say as a man but no one is interested. Thanks. Serve the order as directed. Gosh! Is it so difficult for people to understand things?





The employee should be thankful that the woman did not take the matter more seriously.  She stood there calmly explaining to him about things that people would normally not do. 

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