Heartbroken Dog Dies 15 Minutes After Owner Succumbs To 8-Year-Long Battle With Cancer

Heartbroken Dog Dies 15 Minutes After Owner Succumbs To 8-Year-Long Battle With Cancer

"He had three dogs, but he and Nero were like one man and his dog. Nero was the dog which was always with him," shared Stuart Hutchison's mother about their special bond.

Dogs are known to be the most loyal creatures in the world. Calling them man's best friend is definitely not an exaggeration, especially in the case of Stuart Hutchison, whose pet refused to live in a world where his master did not exist anymore. In this heartbreaking story, a dog reportedly passed away just 15 minutes after his owner succumbed to brain cancer.



The illness had reached its terminal stage and nothing could be done about the malignant tissue so Hutchison decided to move into his mother's house as she took up the responsibility of being his full-time caregiver. Speaking to news outlets, 52-year-old, Fiona Monaghan, Hutchison's mother, informed them about two other dogs ( Nala and Amelia) that her son owned, however, the special bond he shared with his French Bulldog, Nero was unbreakable, reported The Mirror. "He had three dogs, but [he] and Nero were like one man and his dog. Nero was the dog which was always with him."



After battling cancer for eight years, the 25-year-old unfortunately succumbed to the disease leaving his wife, Danielle, and two other pets all alone. After getting engaged in 2017 with Daniella who was a pharmacy assistant, Hutchison got married to her earlier this year reports the Daily Star. The couple found a beautiful home in Alloa where they lived happily with their three pets until the tragedy befell them. "Danielle was heartbroken to have lost both of them, but she has been so strong," said Monaghan adding, "We got Stuart home four weeks ago because he wanted to die at home because that’s where he was born." 



Recalling the moment when the family learned about the death of Nero, the mother of the deceased said, "Danielle had been staying at ours with Stuart and woke up one morning and realized her glasses were broken. Her dad said he would go and get another pair from her and Stuart's house to save her leaving him as we knew he didn't have long left." On arriving at the house Danielle's father realized that the dog wasn't well and without wasting much time, he rushed him to the emergency vets. "They said he had ruptured something in his spine but he had been totally fine before that," explained Monaghan. 



This mysterious death of the pet came just 15 minutes after his master's. "Stuart died about 1.15pm that day, and Nero died roughly 15 minutes later," shared the mother. Although the family had prepared themselves for the worst, they didn't realize the gravity of it until Hutchison actually passed away. "We cared for him at home. We expected it but it is still tough. It’s still a shock and traumatic when it comes," said the 52-year-old mother. Hutchison was first diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2011. After undergoing surgery and sessions of chemotherapy he seemed well, however, the cancerous growth relapsed in 2014 and again in 2018. Unfortunately, it had already spread to his bones, pelvis, and brain according to PEOPLE.



Speaking to news outlets, Monaghan, said, "He went into hospital to start chemo at the end of 2018 and he was then having scans every three months," further adding, "At a scan in March, they said the chemo was working. [He] and Danielle went on holiday to Spain in May and he started getting a pain in his hand." After experiencing this symptom, Hutchison immediately got it checked. "He went for a check-up and they were convinced there was nothing wrong. But then by June, it started to affect his whole arm and that’s when they did a scan and saw cancer had taken over his whole brain and had spread to his bones and his pelvis," adding the grieving mother.


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