Pottery Barn Is Releasing F.R.I.E.N.D.S-Themed Collection; It Includes Rachel's Apothecary Table

Pottery Barn Is Releasing F.R.I.E.N.D.S-Themed Collection; It Includes Rachel's Apothecary Table

As many as 14 different items from a replica of the apothecary table and mugs from season 6 will be out July 30 onwards. Fans could also win tickets to visit LA for a Warner Bros. studio tour or get $1000 coupon for a Pottery Barn shopping spree

It's been nearly 15 years since the last episode of one of the most beloved and watched sitcoms, F.R.I.E.N.D.S was aired. However, the continuous reruns of the show and references to it, we find almost everywhere even today are proof that people are not yet ready to bury the memory of the show or its characters. Now if you are a die-hard fan of the show, won't you want a piece of the show to call it your own?


Well, I guess you are in luck because Pottery Barn, the furniture and home decor retail chain, is selling a number of products from furniture to mugs and other items themed around the show. The launch date of sale -  July 30. Mark your calendars because judging by the fandom of the show, things will be selling out pretty fast. One of the most prominent items will be an apothecary table that is a replica of the one that was shown in episode 11 of season 6.


The entire episode revolves around the table and Rachel trying to hide the fact that she bought it from Pottery Barn, from Phoebe who despises the brand, in the episode! Phoebe ultimately finds out the truth.  While we could not have changed Phobe's views we are sure the replica of the table that will be out in a few weeks will surely be liked by all of the show's fans. According to Pop Sugar, the collection will be one of the 14 products that will be sold. The price range of the 14 products will range from $13 to $1,099.

These 14 includes will include a lot of things ranging from decorative accessories, textiles, and furniture. With the 25th anniversary of the show being celebrated, it is definitely time to remember the iconic show in all its glory that first aired on September 22, 1998.  The collection of various goodies is sure to further increase your nostalgia of the show, the good old days when you could just turn on to Friends to just feel good. The fact that it has been over two decades since the show aired has still not sunk in. Feel old yet? 



Additionally, fans will also get a chance to win an all sponsored trip (including travel and stay)  to Los Angeles and get a tour of Warner Bros. Delux Studio. You can get a feel of what it takes to make and how shows like these are made. You can also enjoy lunches and tours around the studios. Recreate the famous scenes from the show, something you may have had always dreamt about. There's more! One can also win a $1,000 Pottery Barn shopping spree. This is not the first time Pottery Barn has done similar collaborations. They did a collection themed around Harry Potter some time ago. 

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