9-Year-Old Girl Smartly Fills Empty Lip Balm Tube With Cheese To Eat In Class

9-Year-Old Girl Smartly Fills Empty Lip Balm Tube With Cheese To Eat In Class

Now, why did we not think of this when we were kids?

We've all had the most random hunger pangs, and they hit us when we have been stuck in a position where we couldn't really do anything about it, like in class or a meeting. Well, it isn't like our stomachs have co-operated with us. Instead, they go on to make this huge grumbly noise like a whale's giving birth and now everyone around you knows you're hungry.  Well, it looks like a 9-year-old kid might have come up with a solution to that. Yes, that's right. This girl from Missouri decided to fill up her empty lip balm tube with slices of sharp cheddar cheese.


On Tuesday night, the girl's mother, Valerie Schremp Hahn, a reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, posted a photo of her daughter's genius creation to Twitter, which immediately went viral, garnering a lot of praise for the kids genius invention. Apparently, Schremp Hahn’s daughter learned how to make the cheese-balm from a YouTube video and it seems she did not stop with just the cheese-tube. 


“I know she experimented with making a popsicle in an old lip balm tube, but that was a fail,” Schremp Hahn told TIME in an email. In a subsequent tweet, the mother added: I think she got it off one of those weird crafty videos on YouTube. Still, I don't know if I should discourage her. I mean, it's the standardized testing week.  The little girl told Buzzfeed News about how she got the idea, confirming that she did, indeed, get it from YouTube. 


"I was just looking on YouTube because I was bored and I found this video and I decided to do it," the girl, whose mother asked that her name not be published, said. "I just took some of my dad’s cheese, sliced it up, and put it in the chapstick container." In the YouTube video, they use an empty glue stick container, but since she did not have one of those at home, she went ahead with the next best thing, and that was the empty chapstick container. 


"I just found that, cleaned it out with some soap, and started filling it with cheese," the fourth-grader said. She added that she used sharp cheddar from Aldi's. On Wednesday, she brought two what she is calling "Cheese Stick Chapsticks" to school and took a few licks and bites during breaks between standardized tests. "You can lick it and no one will know," she said. As expected, her friends went crazy over it, too. 


"At first I didn't tell them and I was like licking the, quote, 'cheese,' and then I told them it was cheese and they just started laughing so hard," the fourth-grader said. As for the virality of the cheese stick, "I’m just impressed that anybody would, like, like this out of all things," the 9-year-old said. Still, she understands why some people might be obsessed with the idea. "Cheese is amazing," she added.


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