Can You Spot The Leopard Hiding In This Picture? Only A Few People Have Done It

Can You Spot The Leopard Hiding In This Picture? Only A Few People Have Done It

The leopard in this picture has brough its A-game while camouflaging. It might take a few minutes to locate it.

Image Source: Twitter/Bella Lack

It's amazing how years of evolution has helped different species of animals adapt to their surroundings. Their ability to perfectly blend in with the environment is something that bewildered scientists for long. Nonetheless, it's always been interesting to witness animals skillfully using camouflage to mask their location, identity, and movement. Recently, an image began circulating on Twitter which proved how effective the art of camouflage can be. The viral post shows a leopard sitting against a muddy backdrop and brilliantly concealing its location. It might seem easy to locate the big cat now that you know it's a leopard but you couldn't be more wrong. Take a look at the image below and see if you spot it. 



The image was posted on Twitter by a 16-year-old youth director Bella Lack, who received it from a friend. After carefully looking at the image clicked by Hemant Dabi, the teen was sure she was being pranked by her friend. However, when she finally spotted the leopard, she realized that it indeed is a tricky image. At a glance, it appears to be an ordinary image of a dirt ditch. However, on closer inspection, one can see the leopard staring straight at them. The beautiful spots on the big cat make it almost impossible to locate it. Someone just sent this to me and asked me to find the leopard. I was convinced it was a joke... until I found the leopard. Can you spot it? wrote Lack challenging others to find the camouflaged animal. 



Some simply couldn't locate the big cats despite others reposting the pictures with arrows indicating its presence. Nope. Even with the arrow pointing directly at it, I would walk right into it and be its afternoon snack, shared Teresa Taylor hilariously. User @MJMcCune couldn't believe that people couldn't spot it even with the arrows. I was going to apologize for my ‘spoiler alert’ reply photo, but never dreamt someone would miss seeing the leopard, even after literally placing an arrow near its body?!? Perhaps glasses would help? they wrote. Another Vicki A Kinzy managed to find the animal but it did come at a cost. I found it! But now I do have a headache,, thanks a lot! expressed the Twitter user. 

But @abeforyourthots blamed the low resolution of the photo and it's lack of clarity. I mean yeah when you share a low res photo taken with a 2010 phone it’s hard to see, they shared. One user Del Kenye recalled the time he had spotted a leopard but initially mistook it for a snake. No, in many years in Africa I saw 1 by good luck! We stopped at Yabelo Ethiopia & I imagined I saw a snake in a tree 20m away. I walked closer & the 'snake' was the tail of a leopard wagging! I was so overjoyed to see the leopard that I couldn't shout to my pal look! My only one! wrote the user. 

The post created quite a stir and people immediately began sharing more of these tricky images where leopards can be seen skillfully concealing themselves. In each of the two pictures, there's a leopard hiding in plain sight. Take a look!




If you were unable to find it, here's the answer: 







Another user @GeoffBirdy shared another confusing image. Let's see if you can spot it.




If you've been hovering around this spot, you're right!



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