You Can Now Pay For Your Parking Tickets By Donating School Supplies

You Can Now Pay For Your Parking Tickets By Donating School Supplies

The City Council approved the plan with unanimous support for a limited period of time that has been well-appreciated.

Getting parking tickets is annoying. While getting one you would have thought of a million ways you could have avoided it just by being a bit careful or vigilant. Well, in Las Vegas you could now feel a bit better that you are getting a parking ticket! No, the police there have not tied up with a lottery company whereby parking tickets come with a chance to win a million bucks.  The city is accepting donations of school supplies instead of money for parking tickets! Quite ingenious don't you think?  Now people won't even feel so bad when they get a parking ticket since it will give them a contribution towards a noble cause.


We suspect many would even deliberately violate the laws just so that they could get a chance to do some good. Whoever came up with the idea, the person or organization surely deserve an award! In an official communique, the City Council announced the plan just this month. It, however, highlighted that the plan was for a limited time of a month - June 19 to July 19 - just in time for the school year to begin. Whatever be the case, we think other states should definitely follow Vegas' example.   


The press release on the matter stated that "Las Vegas City Council approves program allowing parking tickets to be paid with a school supply donation for a limited time." It also stated that the program will run "from June 19 through July 19, 2019." The move received unquestioned support from all the members of the council. "The Las Vegas City Council unanimously voted in favor of allowing parking tickets...to be paid with donations of school supplies," it added.   


"Any supplies taken in by the city through the program will be donated to the Teachers Exchange, a nonprofit that is associated with the Public Education Foundation," read the release while adding that "those who have a parking infraction in the city...must satisfy their tickets by bringing new, unwrapped school supplies of equal or greater value to they're fine to the Parking Services Offices". It's not that people can bring these donations any time of their choosing.


Just like paying parking tickets have to be done within a specific period of time, lest they incur a fine of a late fee,  the release highlighted, the school supply donation "must be done within 30 days of the citation date and a purchase receipt for the donation". It also stated that "In addition, only non-public safety citations are eligible for this program." In July of 2016, the City Council adopted an ordinance authorizing the establishment of this occasional program allowing for charitable donations in lieu of payment for parking fines.





Some of the items being accepted as donations have been specified by the Council and include the following:
Dry erase markers
Index cards
Paper towels/Disinfecting wipes
Card stock
Copy paper
Storage bins
Pencil sharpeners
Post-it notes         


There have been numerous reports of teachers having to pay for school supplies from their own pockets.  We hope this measure can be replicated all over the country to provide them some relief. 

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