"You Deserve Your Awards": Lady Gaga Tells Cardi B Who Was Bullied For Landmark Grammy Win

"You Deserve Your Awards": Lady Gaga Tells Cardi B Who Was Bullied For Landmark Grammy Win

This year, she was criticized for winning the award, when last year, she was criticized for not winning the award. There's just no winning with these guys!

Trust Lady Gaga to do the right thing. Recently, at the Grammy's, both Lady Gaga and Cardi B went home with awards. But for some reason, Cardi B had to defend her win, after some online users said that she was undeserving. According to HuffPost, Cardi B is the first woman to win Best Rap Album (for Invasion of Privacy) in the history of the Annual Grammy Awards! Talk about setting the record straight! Gaga, who caught wind of the controversy, took to social media to show her support for the rapper with a heartfelt post, praising her 'brave' fellow Grammy winner. 

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“It is so hard to be a woman in this industry. What it takes, how hard we work through the disrespectful challenges, just to make art,” the “Bad Romance” singer wrote. “I love you, Cardi. You deserve your awards. Let’s celebrate her fight. Lift her up & honor her. She is brave.” The two of them were even spotted exchanging pleasantries at the awards. Gaga also shared a story of her dancing backstage to Cardi B’s Grammy-nominated hit 'I l Like It', to celebrate her Grammy and BAFTA win.


But it wasn't such a happy ending for Cardi B as she had to delete her Instagram account after she posted a video of her defending her Grammy win. “You know what? It’s not my style for people to put other people down to uplift somebody else. That’s not my style, and that’s not what I’m with, and I don’t support that. However, I’ve been taking a lot of shit today,” she says in the video. “I’m seeing a lot of bullshit today, and I saw a lot of shit last night, and I’m sick of this shit. I work hard for my motherf*****g album.”


According to Daily Mail, Cardi then spoke about her two nominations for Bodak Yellow at last year's Grammys where she came empty-handed. She said: "Everybody was like, Cardi got snubbed! Cardi got snubbed! Now this year's a f***ing problem? My album went two times platinum my n***a and every chart that there was my album was always top ten, number one album as well!" She concluded her rant: "While everybody was harassing me like, you not gonna do it, we know you pregnant, your career's over—that s--t's dwelling in my f--king mind while I'm workin!"


Her fellow nominees were Nipsey Hussle, Pusha T, Travis Scott and the late Mac Miller for the prestigious award, whom she beat to win the award! But it was not just Gaga who thought that Cardi B actually deserved the award. Chance the Rapper, who is featured on Cardi's album Invasion of Privacy, said her win was 'overly deserved'. “It would be inconceivable not to honor u last night,” he wrote in the comments of a now-deleted post. “Straight up bask in it YOU deserve it. Its a feeling very few will ever know, but YOU do.”


In other news, Cardi B is back on social media as she announced her latest collaboration with Bruno Mars on Instagram. “Ok so I’m back from retirement to announce I have a brand new song coming out Friday at midnight with @brunomars,” Cardi wrote, referring to how she deleted her Instagram account a few days ago. Also, Cardi B got herself a piercing before she re-activated her IG account!

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According to TMZ, Cardi B showed off her new piercing, but it looks like the tattoo artist who gave her the piercing just had no idea who she was. Luis Vega, the owner of the tattoo parlous, City of Angels Tattoos, said that Cardi randomly walked into his studio on Monday. But he couldn't recognize her at first and had his doubts when they started talking. He thought he recognized her face, but he thought she was just a client from before. 

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Slowly, it dawned on him that he may be dealing with an A-Lister. He then checked out the door, and that's when he saw Cardi's entourage in a caravan of luxury cars. As for how much she shelled out for her piercing - it was just $25! It seems that Luis was so inspired by Cardis visit that he's honoring her the rest of the month with a special $20 piercing for anyone who comes through. "Guess who came into the shop today so random @iamcardib to get her bottom lip piercing at @cityofangelstattoo so blessed I had the privilege to meet her at my shop," Vega wrote in an Instagram photo on Monday.

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