102-Year-Old Kirk Douglas Goes Camping Like A Boss, Shows Age Is Just A Number

102-Year-Old Kirk Douglas Goes Camping Like A Boss, Shows Age Is Just A Number

A picture of Kirk Douglas relaxing outdoors next to a tent was shared on Instagram by his grandson, Cameron. Douglas was seen chillin' inside the tent on an air mattress.

Actor Kirk Douglas recently showed the world that to him, age is nothing but a number. Just because he is 102 years old, it isn't going to stop him from doing whatever he wants to do. The actor was pictured living life to the fullest, he was relaxing outdoors living out the many years to come. The Spartacus actor was spotted on his grandson, Cameron's Instagram account chilling on an air mattress inside a tent, away from the sun. The living legend was also seen lying down with a blanket on top of him while he was wearing sunglasses and spending his day camping outside in the backyard. The 40-year-old Cameron shared the photo on his Instagram account, saying, "This amazing man, my Pappy, is such inspiration in so many ways! Going camping at 102! #Spartacus#thrunthru 📸@Lisa." However, the picture was soon removed or hidden from the social media site. 

The picture that was removed or hidden from Instagram showed the iconic actor lying down in a massive green tent set up in a lush backyard. He was lying on what looked like an air mattress, under a comforter. The actor was even seen looking towards the camera when the picture was taken. The tent was filled with plush pillows and looked extremely comfortable, as though made for a king. The tent was located next to a sparkling blue pool.


Although the actor turned a 102 last December, he clearly has no plans of letting life slow him down.  In November last year, his son actor Michael Douglas, who is 74 years old, told fans that his dad had just discovered FaceTime and couldn't get enough. "He's amazing. He’s discovered FaceTime. He just loves it," he said on Live with Kelly and Ryan. Kirk is one of Hollywood's most-loved figures and is also known as the industry's leading man. He has had a sparkling career and now, is living retirement life to the fullest.


A few months before his 102nd birthday, his son Michael Douglas revealed that Kirk had been working out with a personal trainer. He's trying to keep as fit as he can even after living for literally a century. During the interview with Lorraine Kelly, Michael Douglas said, "He still has a trainer. He works out with a trainer at 101. I remember when Dad was 90 and he had a guy that he worked out with for more than 30 years, 40 years, Mike Abrams. I went to see Dad one day, he was 90 and wasn’t feeling so good. I said, 'Dad, what's wrong? You don't look good.' He said, ' Ah, Mike died.' I said, 'Ah Dad I'm so sorry, Mike died? How old was Mike, Dad?' '94'." 


The actor doesn't just spend all of his time relaxing after a long, hard, and successful career. He still continues to do all the things that he loves. In fact, he still bets, that too against his own son! Michael Douglas said during the interview,  "He beats me all the time. The last bet I made with him was for $100 on a Jets game — and I lost. I’m a big sports junkie and my father knows nothing about [the games].” Luck remains to be on his side even today. 


Michael added, “I can pick any team and he’ll just take the other one… and [yet] he cleans my clock." Michael also paid tribute to his dad when he got his Hollywood Walk of Fame star saying that he was "proud to be his son". "It means so much to me, Dad, that you’re here today," he said, "Thank you for your advice, inspiration, and I’ll say it simply and with all my heart: I’m so proud to be your son." His great career is inspiring enough for almost anyone, especially for those associated with him. 


The entire family is filled with great actors, from Kirk Douglas to his son Michael and his daughter-in-law, Catherine Zeta-Jones. That's three of Hollywood's all-time favorites right there. One talent packed family that is. Kirk still gets emotional sometimes when he looks at how his son has managed to have a successful career in the industry too. Kirk Douglas will always be remembered as one of the best the industry has ever seen. 


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